Random Blurb of the week

The weekend just gone was a beautiful and loving weekend with lots of rest as the physical vessel of mine goes through the physical transformation as a result of the upgrades that I’ve been blessed with.

It began on Wednesday night with a run to the clinic, carrying a plethora of crystals with me as I had changed premises.

There is one stone that I had in my pocket. A beautiful black quartz piece which is stunning. It has the power to transform any other crystal and is very strong. During the run, I felt a type of pain in my system, as if it were emotional and after some exploring, I discovered that the crystal was transforming my own systems. Having a crystalline system already, it made sense that a crystal was modifying my own system as a form of improvement.

These upgrades along with those carried out by Metatron over the weekend have helped clear lower vibrational channels and create new channels to higher vibrations. I’m much happier with this as I’m now able to converse with spirit. It is truly amazing and remembering what I had carried out many lifetimes is all starting to happen.

In this weekends conversation with Amy, she brought forward information about programming crystals. How to connect crystals to ascended master vibration, angel vibration and guide vibration, so that people are able to connect clearly, as if they have been given the keys.

A very wonderful & gifted being, friend and beautiful soul, whom has been helping with the Amy conversations and connections, was sent a guide & life path crystal and had an amazing experience with it. Which, with her permission, would love to share.

Another friend, beautiful soul and gifted being also shared a similar experience with a programmed crystal.

On Friday night, in a crystalline meditation session. I received the message to program the person’s twin flame connection into the crystal that she purchased and as I was doing this. I felt a masculine presence, almost hugging me with his hand on mine. During the conversation with Amy, she said that the soul of the twin flame had come forward to embed his energy into the crystal, so that she will recognise it and can help bring them together.

It is so beautiful how the souls work together on this and that I can feel the souls comes through. Working with crystals in this manner is really a beautiful experience.

The client session on Friday night was also an amazing experience. Guided by spirit to focus the energy on specific points of the body and working between the dimensions. This modality has not been seen before. It’s not ancient at all. It’s a brand new modality and the what it can achieve being between both worlds is a miracle and a blessing.

During the week, Serapis Bey, St Germaine & Kuthumi gave us an experiment to go beyond people’s eyes and dive into the energy field. What I began to see was how everyone is connected directly into source. Information highways walking around. It was truly a wonderful and beautiful experience.

Currently waiting on feedback from a publisher to have the crystalline music released as there are stores wanting to sell it. Received an email from a distributor that is willing to distribute the music and also wanting to feature tracks on compilations.

The paperwork to develop crystalline music as a modality is under way and will need to converse with Amy again about requirements. From the session on Friday night, it would require a specific type of facilitator to carry out sessions. Such as a Reiki Master and ability to receive information and instructions from spirit guides.

There’s many exciting things in progress and am having some much fun doing it. There’s so much awesomeness happening. Even on a planetary scale… It’s all awesome and exciting!