An update on a journey

I’m sitting in bed not wanting to move as I’m very relaxed and considering going back to sleep for a bit but I’m being encouraged to write an update about my journey.

Today is the day of something exciting, a very big night indeed. A super moon and an eclipse. Something unique and will help us let go. The same process the planet is going through. I’m sure I’ve been doing a lot of letting go this month and there has been a moment or four, when I’ve been laying on the couch with tissues clearing the tears away from my face as I go through this process.

This month has also seen myself do many new things for myself and have met a lot of beautiful, loving and kind people. I’ve also had to walk away from people because of where they’re at in their journey.

I’ve been going to the gym for years and always wanted to work on my lower back pain. The trainers focus on killing me and trying to push the body to boundaries that only superman can surpass and it didn’t help me achieve what I wanted to do. So one day, I decided to do this thing called Kundalini Yoga and my gosh… It was far greater than a personal training session. It was everything I needed and have been stretching out the back and have been getting much more flexibility in the back. I’m looking forward to next week.

This week also saw me do something different which was venture to Mandurah to do a Reiki share group and it was a very profound experience. Was asked to tell a bit about myself and the modality that I’m developing. Whilst it is in the conception stage, a demonstration was given and what occurred was something that even I wasn’t expecting. The energy I had pumping through me was phenomenal, never had I experienced anything like this. I know Reiki energies are one thing but this was something totally totally different. Even if the person I used as a demonstration was pregnant, this was something much different.

Wednesday night saw a spiritual development group which was working with arch angels and how to recognise their energies. When AA Michael came through, I recognised that energy was the same energy that was pulsating through me when I gave the session on Monday night. It indeed did set me back….

Also begun channelling my main guide. It’s one that feels very high up based on the energies but was an amazing experience. It taught me why things happened to me the past few months. It opened my eyes.

One of the greatest things that I’ve experienced in the past few weeks is unconditional love and acceptance. I may have information that can shock a lot of people’s belief systems but these people forgive and keep being a friend. They may not understand a word I’m saying and think that what I’m saying isn’t true but they listened and asked more questions. That sensation in itself is heartfelt and is a beautiful experience. On Monday night, people were asking about how I do things and were interested in what I had to say. It’s not happened before and it surely helped with confidence levels.

Well, my alarm just went off, time to get out of bed and begin the day. Thank you for this opportunity to share this story with you.

Ciao for now….