Another 48 hours

It’s been 48 hours of non-stop work and it’s time to visit the crystalline realm. In fact, I feel like tonight, my team and guises will be visiting a crystal cave in Mexico to do some activation experimentation. The only way this cave can be accessed is through soul projection as it’s completely sealed off. It also looks like we’re there and have already begun.

So with pages and pages of content written, information read and knowledge that the planet that we’re living on is the greatest planet in the universe ever designed by the creators, the best of every planet in all of the galaxies on this one place called Earth. Living on this planet really is seen as something majestic. Much more content to put together and very little time. At least develop a structured approach to the workshop.

So today kept on rolling on. Photographs for new listings,  photo editing. Came across a cluster that I will need to collect because it is clear selenite with a phantom inclusions of black tourmaline. Yet, when I tuned into the cluster… It wanted to share knowledge rather than be pulled a part for jewellery. Which is exactly what I want to do with this cluster… Yet, it’s so very special.

Wrote a letter to the Magistrates Courts. Needed to get something finalised. Yes, got that out of the way and done with and kept working all day.

Even discovered that if you combine calcite with golden calcite and have them in peach selenite stands. The energies will combine and clean the sacral chakra and solar plexus… I’m guessing but the energy was felt around the stomach area as it was divine.

So all in all…. Lots of work achieved. More to do tomorrow.

Need to get advertising for clients and looking forward to using the new premises on Thursday.

Finally, got some momentum happening. Thank goodness for Saturn Returns, Mercury Retrograde and whatever you want to call it. Like pulling a finger out…

Oh… Whilst I’m here. It is actually possible to have a double twin flame. What does this mean? 4 twins…. The joy of creation. Made with divine love… How sensational! Some souls don’t have twin souls either… Their twin is the Prime Creator.