Beautiful Conversations


I saw this post on Facebook and had to share it here as it is truly relevant. There is truly nothing that can ever compare to a conversation with a beautiful mind that belongs to the person that has a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. There really isn’t anything that can replace it either which is again, rather beautiful.

There is one person whose mind that I truly adore. With the exception of my own… That goes without saying 😛 however, there really is a person whose mind captivates me in every way. To this day, I love them in so many ways. Even with the way things are, they have always been in my heart and will always be.

It’s truly a blessing to find someone like this. To share in their sarcasm and the beauty that their mind is. To want to encourage it more and see them laugh and smile. It’s truly a beautiful gift to see. That ever so beautiful smile… Something so very special.

I could talk for hours about this amazing person (and I do) because it’s the person that means the most to me. The person that helped me see something that I didn’t know existed within myself and through the trials, tests and tribulations, discovered my amazing self.

Whilst there are days that I sit and wish to be able to speak to the person again. Wanting to let them know that I’m always here for them, no matter what. How does one let them know this when they’ve had to walk separate paths.

So if you’re having one of those days where you’re truly blessed and enjoying that special moment with someone. Cherish the moment, remember it. Even if it’s spending a day playing Ingress in heals after drinking a bottle of champagne. Sitting in the city drinking coffee before finding amazing crystals or even spending 5 minutes with to get a lift home from the train station.

Cherish those special moments every day. Remember them forever and believe that that person is the only person whom has captivated the mind and made the heart feel alive. Even to this day, it beats for them.

That’s the impact that a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind has on a person.