Dreams of Strangeness

I’m not one person whom particularly remembers dreams., always told to write them down but there is nothing to write down apart from… I think I dreamt?

However, the one I just had was memorable.

It began by seeing a pyramid in an underground cave. I remember the markings on the flags and it is dead silent. I’ve travelled here before. Walking through this red, underground cave system to this pyramid. There is no entrance to this pyramid either.

I was a child when I first dreamt of this place and have seen it a few times. Put it down to Indiana Jones giving me influence.

Last night, discovered that it was more than just a pyramid. The way to enter this place is through Astral projection, in other words, walk right through the entire building and behold it all… You find yourself inside a nightclub. This is no ordinary nightclub either, it is filled with all forms of lower vibrational people. I really don’t know what it is to be truthfully honest, I’m not sure what the entrance requirements are. I just know that I’ve seen this place since I was a kid and had no idea what it was.

So I got inside and felt everyone and everything stare at me. Like the party had stopped, as if they were surprised that I had shown up. Don’t remember much after this, a part from a lot of white light and as if it was a scene out of supernatural. Perhaps a releasing of lost souls… No idea at all!

So that’s all I remember and then, as it came close to waking up this morning. More dreams, but this time, it was of arguing with someone. Someone that’s not in my life either, which makes it even more bizarre as crap.

All the dream achieved in doing was getting under my skin as why would one dream of people that there’s no connection with any more. Why even acknowledge it? It’s intriguing in the sense that a person has a guest role in a dream but it was rather annoying.

I don’t remember what this person was saying but it wasn’t a good feel to it. Something about being rejected and making the wrong choices and asking for forgiveness. I can’t remember.

It wasn’t the dream that I set my intention for. That I’m aware of because I wasn’t in my last life or on the other side of the veil.

Very bizarre…