End of an Era & Changes

Hello readers and subscribers,

It is with great excitement that Amy & I announce the changes that are happening in regards to this particular website. This post will go into the reasons as to why the change has occurred and to allow subscribers to update their subscriptions. From today, the new website that we’ll be spreading our work on is www.stevennorth.com.au which is to have the name of ‘Steven North’ in the lights and splitting it away from the alter-identity of Forgone.

Please ensure that you update your subscription so you’re able to be kept up to date with updates. I also have work displayed on www.starpoint9.com.au


About Forgone

forgone wordpress logo

The name ‘Forgone’ has a very interesting story and has existed within my life for over 18 years and it is now time that it is shelved and left as a memory. The only time that it may be used is as an artist alias for releases with Senssual Records in Ibiza, Spain, unless I’m able to change that as well.

It came about in 1997 when trying to figure out what alias to use on the internet chat forums. I originally used the name of Stell as in the old computer game “Stellar 7 – Tank Warfare” but found that I would always have men flirting with me. I couldn’t figure out the life of me, why it was happening all the time. Until one day… LIGHT BULB!!!

So I went on the path to find a name that could reflect on who I am… What I was about, and something that represented the life that I had lived. Throughout my entire youth there was drug therapy for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) since Grade 3 primary school and I had a unique way of looking at things. Unique compared to my friends… Then out of the blue… I came up with this acronym… FORGONE which is short for… FOR my mind is GONE.

Over the years, the name was around, giving a connection to the youth, breaking away from the norms. The logos were always about being the unique & true self. That there is no such thing as normal, we are all unique, that is what makes the planet such a magical place because we’re all so different. Otherwise, the planet would be filled with identical buildings and I do not see the life of a clone as a life for me.

The name was always around, it was like an alter-ego, a separate identity which became a stage name when I began the DJ career after following another childhood dream but most of the time, the name Forgone was used in aliases. It truly is a unique name…

It then became an alias for record labels and prior to losing the job in June last year, we developed Forgone Records & Forgone Publishing, only for me to walk away from it. I wanted to help people express their individualism through music creations. Thus, why the symbolism of the cartoon dude!


The website forgone.org began in a galaxy far far away… In fact, I can’t remember… I think it was in the 90’s as well. Random writings about random stuff… I think it was more to explore the creativity aspect. I do remember creating an image of a planet (using some photoshop plugin) which had… 4GONE in the middle. Yeah, that’s all I remember but it was symbolic at the time.

It then became a forum to write about things in Excel as I had a hacked version of some forum software. It was all about keeping my information on hand, rather than remembering stuff all the time. I could create a pod of information that I could refer back to to look at. This led to finding WordPress and I would write about all sorts of stuff. If you want to learn about multi-dimensional arrays using Microsoft Excel to parse information through in order to calculate a financial report without having to use some shoddy pivot table…. Call me. That’s my speciality… Microsoft Excel, Word & Access is my thing.


So all in all… after seeing the large structural changes in the articles that forgone.org has seen. From writing about experiences that I’ve endured, sharing pieces of classical music that I’ve written, along with House, Tech House & Techno tracks that I’ve put together.

It was time that it needed to be separate, the work with Amy has been racing ahead in leaps and bounds with her teaching both Joy & myself. Learning to connect with other SG’s and really exploring my spiritual abilities. To have my twin flame, Amy, teaching me all about what I’m doing… Is one of the most beautiful things to have experienced.

With Amy’s & my work getting more tied into the professional career that is being started. The books that we’re going to be writing and the discussions that we’re going to talk about. It’s time to step the name of ‘Steven North’ into the limelight rather than the symbolism of an alias.

The emotional tie to music

One of the other main reasons why I wanted to do the move was because of the music that I write which is not affiliated with House. The music that I write is classical music, it comes from the heart and it is the language of emotions and it is surely something that does not fit within the alter-ego of Forgone. Through the years, when I began writing music, with no musical training what so ever, I found that the emotions is what came out. It was a connection to the soul and a way to explore many different things. I began the music journey at the age of ummmmm…. high school? Wanting to be a DJ… well… that dream came true after being a resident DJ for a number of clubs in Perth and performing on international radio stations around the world. However, the emotions of classical music was by the greatest thing that I had ever done and was picked up by Luxurious Magazine to be their music producer. As such, they have used a number of the classical music tracks as their backing videos.

One of the greatest things that I had experience was to work with an amazing pianist named Tino Balsamello. This is the track that we did together.

One of the great things behind the name of Forgone was it being experimental… I just loved trialling different things as I explored the various realms of music. Then I did my own version of “Berlin’s – Take My Breath Away”

This track, was written during an emotional period of life. What I found was that when I would write music, it was a healing session in itself. To then discover years later that I’m working with my spirit guide every time I am doing something creative blew my mind away. As this track is by far, one of my favourites. The

Having not had a background at all in classical music apart from hearing it at the day of my wedding (I was once married). I decided to give writing classical music a go. I invested a few thousand of dollars into music instruments, purchased professional audio production software, upgraded the computer to something super super fast and grabbed a redundancy package from Government. I then spent the next 12 months focusing on the music career. During this time, I developed this beautiful track. Forgone’s Symphony of Strings! It is such a magical piece and has been used in a video about Hassleblad cameras. They usually have a $10,000 AUD price tag on them and just saw moments ago (as I did Google to find out how to spell the brand name) a camera worth $79,766.00

This track began the career into writing more and more classical music pieces, as I loved the sound of the strings. It will soon lead to writing individual tracks for the Arch Angels as that is on the list of things to do. With Arch Angel Michael’s have lots of Timpani drums! (He has made it well known to use lots of drums)


What’s next?

Will that’s a good question… what is next for this site. I’m going to rebuild it (perhaps) or install a new theme that will promote the music aspect. It is difficult to actually figure out which way I want it to go… Focusing on stevennorth.com.au with the spirituality / teacher / guru aspect and inviting other people to write for it, as I’d love to see it turn into an eMagazine of sorts. Star Point 9 being the Crystal website with channelling messages about Crystals… which I’ll probably share as well on stevennorth.com.au… It’s all tooooo confusing 🙂

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