Just an interesting day

It’s been the most interesting of all days in regards to an emotional sense. Between doing a workout this morning and feeling amazing and great about myself, to running into Fremantle to have fish and my favourite drink at the moment, Sparkling water for a spot of lunch, took a few photos and visited the crystal shops.

What I found interesting to begin with at the Crystal shops were the people that were there, the customers were talking to me and asking me for my opinion on various crystals because I was working with the energies again. I like to visit these shops to see things that I don’t usually come across and I get to test the energies to see if I work with them.

What transpired today was a rapid shift in energy and I’ve gone through my own emotional body to see if there was something I needed to deal with but for the life of me, I was confused. I scanned my own being for negative entities that could be trying to drain my energy and nothing was found… So I couldn’t figure out what it was…

I got home and found myself in a state of exhaustion, so I had to lay down and did so with a piece of Dravite.  Dravite assists one in letting go of old emotional problems that it brings to your attention so you can deal with the issues instead of burying them and allowing them to fester. Dravite Tourmaline helps you to accept yourself, and it improves your self esteem, as it also helps you to love yourself.

What I found interesting is that… it didn’t do much. Whilst I did connect with the energy of the Dravite and did some clearing on myself to ensure that everything in me is fine. The feeling was still there, so I immersed myself in a deep hot bath filled with salts… was rather relaxing to be honest.

It’s now 7:00 PM… and I’ve been trying to study and trying to play catch up with classes… I’ve got an ‘critical analysis’ essay to write this week and another essay to write next week (which the dates were stuffed up mind you) and I was writing the final assessment piece which was a ‘Research Report’ on Friday Night (got confused) and need to start again… *sigh* However, there has been a series of emotions that have been festering all evening. This has been distracting me from trying to focus and the hardest thing is… Whilst I have figured out what it is that is hitting me, my instant reaction is to go in and save the day… Sitting back and having to do nothing is the most hardest challenge that I’ve had to face and I have had to face a lot of challenges over the past few months.

I was going to go into a discussion of the human soul, soul connectivity and how souls that are connected are aware of how they’re feeling at any given time, that when one is going through a very bad time, the other will know. However, I will save this conversation for another day as I’m too exhausted to function and I need to sit in a 2 hour lecture.