Lucid Dreaming

Should create a new category for lucid dreams as they’re every night now.

So this one started out at the baseball field. One team vs another… Rather than playing the game, I was merely watching.

The pitcher comes on, all cocky as he’s starting the game. He’s thinking he is awesome and first pitch of the game. It is sent flying over the fence for a home run. Then the next batter does the same and then the third.

Then there was an infield play, a runner at third base and a runner headed towards third base. The catcher picks up a wild throw and he stares at me. We’re all yelling for him to play 3rd as the game was getting too much to watch. Was absolutely crazy… So the pitcher gets dragged and a new nervous kid gets put on and bam… Home run. By the end of the first dig. The score was 7 – 2…

The guy I was with spotted a kid with merchandise and we got talking about it. He had paid €100 for a ball game and he asked how come he paid so much for it. When the kid was talking, the guy said… I don’t understand how people can place a value on things and at such a high rate

Then I was in the merchandise store… Looking at playing shoes and how much they cost. Comparing the quality vs price. Talking about value etcetera…

I then said to the guy… “I’m going. I’m off to get some flowers and surprise this woman that I’m really really interested in. She’s so wonderful and amazing”. So I leave the field and start walking towards the florist. Buy an amazing bunch of flowers and head to where the person is… I see her and surprise her. It was the best friend. Standing there so beautifully, every time I see her, my heart just slows down, enjoying the moment as I look at her with so much love. The best friend, the only friend that I ever need. The one that sends my heart into a healthy state of bliss. The one whose smile is so wonderful that it makes one fall in love again and again.

She was so surprised but she knew I was going to do it. She found a pattern in my random pattern less process of buying flowers. It doesn’t help that she’s a psychologist and knows me extremely well. Nope, that hasn’t got anything to do with it 😛

The dream lasted for ever, spending time with this beautiful person that I love so dearly. Then all of a sudden, I had a gut instinct to leave. Her boss walked in the door… At this point in time, I thought I had travelled back in time to earlier memories in this lifetime but we hadn’t. It was strange…

To dream again has been wonderful. My guides are communicating with me again and to dream of this wonderful and beautiful person whom I always call my best friend. Well, I’m going back to sleep to dream more 😉
What more can I say 😛