Pyramids around the world

Just finished watching a documentary on pyramids that have been discovered all around the world. Some being mistaken for just natural earth formations and when excavated, they find a whole city from an ancient Civilisation.

They’ve found pyramids that belonged to the era of Mu and are even discovering more pyramids buried under the sands of Egypt and the list keeps on going. There are pyramids all over the world and one was mentioned to have a huge crystal top.

They then discussed how pyramids are being used to charge the energy in the planet. This had me thinking, it had me thinking a lot. What if these old pyramids before our time could be reactivated. That they could all be switched on at the same time.

Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis were all 5th dimensional Civilisations. So what if these pyramids that were vital to energising the planet to maintain the energy systems at the time, can be reactivated and used again to lift the vibration of the planet again. Is it in fact, the activation of these pyramids that we return into the 5th dimension?

I’ve always wondered why we no longer use the pyramids in the same way that they were used back then. What series of events forced all these ancient Civilisations to walk away from such majestic monuments? Why did they just stop? They’re only finding more now and not to mention the ruins that have already been discovered. What happened to all of them?

Where did all these people go. What happened to the Ancient Egyptian Civilisations? Everything disappeared… I do wonder if it all stopped at the same time. Did something happen for them to leave?

It’s so intriguing… The more and more I watch these documentaries. The more I want to understand and the large number of questions appear.

Here’s the video that I watched…