Random Blurb – 24 hour observations

It has been a very interesting 24 hours worth of observation in the people that are around me on social networking sites whom claim that they are spiritually evolved and are preaching away but aren’t walking their talk.

I truly love playing the role of the observer as watching those interactions does help someone become more aware. The greatest thing to see is how people react to certain situations. For example, someone responds with a judgemental comment based on a meaningless comment, merely for their own curiosity. Then started preaching about lessons of balancing duality with the masculine and feminine. Yet, the way it was done was in a negative mannerism. Implying, insinuating and really highlighted that a person is actually claiming to be a spiritual guru.

The begin with, a person needs to be able to operate at the resonance of Guru consciousness in order to actually be called a Guru. In the light spectrum of consciousness, the Guru sits in Indigo (from memory) which is known as the pure vibration of Love. Most humans operate at a much lower level of consciousness and the creative ones operate at a higher frequency of consciousness than most humans. There is in fact all covered in something called “Spirit Dynamics”.

In a conversation a few weeks ago with the founder of Spirit Dynamics, he said that that is where I am, the Guru level of consciousness. The next level up is Violet and then Ultra Violet where UV is Ascended Master. However, I do not call myself a Guru at all, heck, I do not feel like one because I’m sure that I would have transcended my own personal issues right now if I were. Plus, how many people would turn around and say… “You’re coming from ego” because they cannot comprehend it themselves. As such, I’m not really down with calling myself a Guru because I’m just being who I am. I have my own life lessons, I have my own past life choices to make up for and so forth. I’m not close to being like Ghandi. I maybe able to access a vast amount of universal information which keeps surprising me but I’m not going to make public declarations about it.

What I will say, is that my soul is. We’ve already helped a planet through it’s level of awareness prior to the earth being created. It is one of the souls created before time remembers. As such, this means I am required to meditate as often as I can to activate more and more of the soul knowledge. My role on this planet is to share this knowledge and it will happen. Having said that, I do not see myself as a Guru nor will I call myself one.

This leads me into a discussion about the ego. I have been doing a lot of work on what we humans call the ego self. Which is the manager between the soul and the human. Seems to be a weird system but ok, it is what it is. So let’s continue with this Guru reference as well. If there is someone whom is portraying a teacher perspective in a community, they wished to be worshipped and praised for their contribution. Along comes someone whom has more knowledge (than he actually knows) and makes a comment in order to rectify the information that is being “taught”. The reaction causes a trigger in their conscience and then the defensive mechanism of the fight or flight is activated. They automatically prepare the accusations of ego and trying to defend their position. This is called “resistance” and then the beginning of the “I’m the teacher here, so listen”.

So when a person questions the validity of the information that is presented. There really is no right and wrong answers but when someone offers a different viewpoint, work with them rather than shooting them down and saying that they have ego to please your own ego based feeling.

We do not hear stories of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) putting people down, telling them that they’re wrong, calling them names behind their back. In fact, it was the total opposite. He gave compassion, love, friendship and engaged in these conversations to help people get a better understanding or even to help himself get a better understanding. That is why we share in groups or communities. We welcome people to share their knowledge.

As an example, it was last night when I pointed out that the akashic records only relate to this planet. That it has nothing to do with anywhere else but this planet. The person was determined to convince me that I was wrong. When in fact, the akashic records only relate to lives on the earth realm. There are other record systems in the omniverse that act in a similar manner. Having said that, is something that you did as a soul over 3 million years ago relevant to this planetary existence? Most likely not. I can’t say definitely no because what I did all those years ago is relevant to this lifetime.

Then seeing people that judge all the time based on their experiences or should I say lack of. What I don’t understand is that people form opinions based on what they do. They are quick to judge. My response today was “what does it matter to you how one person does or does not do a certain thing?”. In the news is about marriage equality and how a Christian couple would divorce and so forth… Seriously? The idea behind this was because of husband and wife/man and woman/Adam & Eve principles. Again, I begin to wonder how they would react to a planet that has 6 genders. How do they argue that then? What about souls which don’t have sexual identity… their argument already is losing validity.

Even in the process of a person’s evolution. Who are we to judge them and tell them that they need to do certain things or act a certain way. Each person has their own journey, their own path, their own processes and so forth. We don’t judge people because they’re in a certain stage of life. We help them and learn from it to expand our awareness.

Life really is something special. We made it by the choices we made through our lifetimes. If we are suffering, it’s because we need to make a different choice. If we want to be happy, then we need to change that within ourselves. This is why we are here, in this matrix of life. To learn and grow and develop a new world. To love and be loved for who we are, for what we believe in and to support each other grow as one, for we are all one.