Random Blurb – A long day

Today saw a wonderful psychic fair gathering at Vivacious Living in Applecross. It saw me stock up on the Spirit Guide crystals, Ascended Masters crystals, Crystalline Music and Heart Activation CD’s and head down there.

Met a lovely person whom goes by the name of Jyote (maybe a typing error) which is Sanskrit for Light. What was more fascinating was the spirit that she channels dropped in to say hello and by saying hello, was more like let’s go to the bar and have a few drinks. Which I found very energetic and exciting. Master Ol Ya Ma is the name of this being. Beautiful, loving, nurturing and caring energy.

Throughout the day, I sat and observed, watched people as they come and go and also spoke bits and pieces about what it is that I do. Was a great day and by the end of it…. Shattered!

During the day, programmed two crystals with spirit guide energy. The second one was very straight forward and wasn’t so much potency in the connection. The first one…. Oh my, that was like a rush… The moment the energy pathways were opened, it was like tequila shots going down. A celebration began… Energy screamed through me to get to the crystal.

When programming crystals with Ascended Master energy, they vary in energies, depending on the roles that they represent and the nature of their being. For example, the Serapis Bey crystal has a lovely strong energy that I could lap up all day because it’s awesome, Mother Mary whom radiates love for humanity and Jesus whom has such a loving, soft, gentle energy that to me, can barely just feel it. However, this one person had a guide that couldn’t wait to connect it. The energy that came rushing through me was so potent that even I got dizzy.

At this time of doing this one particular programming. I was teaching someone how to feel into the crystals, how to feel their vibration and the moment I had handed back the crystal to the person. They were set back by the potency of the crystal energy as they merged with their spirit guide. My gosh, it was such a beautiful connection to watch… Albeit seeing the world spinning around me because things got dizzy.

One of the more noticeable things of the day was when someone walked in and started gloating about their healing work. Had felt an immediate energy change with something that appeared to be ego of nature. You can feel when someone whom is going through the stages of heavy ego by the change in the vibration of the room. I picked up on this a few times as before I begin working in any room. I dope it up with liquid crystal cuboid generator with Ruby as the support. Ruby being the spiritual warrior of the Crystalline Kingdom. When the vibration of a room changes, it goes from a light energy to something heavy. Usually, it represents attachments and energy clearing needs to be done.

What was so fascinating tho was the observational change in energy. I began to wonder if it was an energy worker as there has only ever been two occasions that I felt this type of reaction. Of course, I grabbed the biggest piece of clear quartz and just burnt the brightest light I could burn and asked my lovely and beautiful Amy to help.

By the end of the day… My body is exhausted. Even with copious levels of  caffeine induced and the best steak pie ever. Am sitting out the back, glass of whiskey in hand and regenerating after this long day and preparing to work with Joy tonight as we channel our spirit guides along with Metatron and Uriel.