Random Blurb – The Journey

The past few weeks has seen some major changes in the life that I live. In fact, it’s changed so much on so many levels that I’ve had to take time out and go introverted.

The energies that have been activated in my system are so strong that the physical body is struggling to keep up. Sleeping for 12 hours a day and no motivation to do much a part from just rest.

The occasional conversation with a very select few people but have reduced the number of people that I call friends. I know that as my vibration increases, the people around me will change. It’s normal for this sort of stuff to happen.

Especially in February when an external influence within my energy systems was cleared out and my evolution took a huge transformation.

These days, I’ve been stepping more into myself and really just want peace and quiet and do the work that I need to do. Some days it feels like I’m a totally different person and I’m glad, especially after the stuff that occurred at the beginning of the year.

Still doing a lot of resolution work with past lives on an emotional level but it will take time.

After the mess this year has been. I’m finally relieved to get peace and quiet. That everything is resolved. I may have slammed doors shut with many people and may have learned other things but in the end. I needed the mess to end.

I’ve just received word that it’s finished with. Thank goodness it’s over. It’s all I’ve got to say… It’s finished with.

It has been the biggest development and awareness. Now I can rest and be on my own. I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow but I feel relieved in ways that I can’t begin to explain.

Well, it’s been a very long day. Time to go meditate and spend time on the other side of the veil in my sanctuary space.