Random thoughts…

Over the past few days, listening to other people discuss their belief systems and hearing about Quantum Sciences and trying to disprove certain things and/or prove things has one beginning to ponder about whether those whom discredit those people whom are practising ancient modalities in a modern world is being discredited and tainted due to science.

In a discussion today, the person mentioned how they think that what a specific person does, isn’t legit. Having full knowledge about the person they were referring too. The thing is, science is unable to prove it because our science doesn’t take things into consideration. A scientist talks about consciousness of the mind and when asked questions as to how it is structured in a universal level, they are only able to theorise but the answer doesn’t answer the question.

What transpires is the feeling that something doesn’t feel right and left unsatisfied. Similar to an experience when one goes to the bible and has a feeling that there is much more to it rather than taking the word of someone else as gospel. This creates a world of curiosity and discovery but the most knowledgeable person may not actually know the answer.

During my own awakening, I always looked at one or two people whom I thought knew much more as they seemed to understand more about what they do. It made for wonderful discussions and fed my nature of curiosity. Later on, I discover that I know far more than what I thought I know and it’s only a matter of accessing / channelling that information.

It is through the past few months of discovering more into the self, to understand that everything is connected and we’re able to access all this information is great.

During my time of Atlantis, I was a student of Metatron and wrote many books about many subjects, through the channelling. It was discovered only a few weeks ago that the same thing will be happening in this lifetime. This makes it more fascinating because I am a person whom learns from experience and not from reading.

Throughout my life, to this day, I rarely read books. A handful of them were read in full but I taught myself what I needed to learn. The current method of schooling didn’t work for me and was called ADHD. It was through my own curiosity and thirst for learning more that developed my own skills.

As such, I truly believe that curiosity is a great thing but what I don’t understand is why people need to discredit others only to prove that what they do is not to another’s belief systems. All I continue to think is that it’s a collective of people trying to hold on to the old ways of lower vibrational thinking rather than allowing for new ways to come forward.

Perhaps, it is this method at the moment that is creating the path to allow for the new to come through.