Random Update – 28.09.2015

It has been a very interesting two weeks with a lot of developments happening on a personal level.

It has seen more and more confidence coming from within as we work towards getting over the stage fright of channelling in front of people, hoping to bring through relevant information.

Two weeks ago, we did a group channelling session lesson with Rebecca Dawson and it was a beautiful class indeed. Speaking with the Masters about the process of channelling. Then Petra and I went into Mundaring and swapped between channelling Amy. We had lots of fun.

The night before this, a session with Joy saw a brief moment of channelling Amy. Amy spoke through me to deliver messages to Joy and did very well.

This weekend saw something much more interesting, which was channelling Joy’s guide. It was absolutely awesome and I still got stage fright. The energy was strong and potent, which I love!

Joy’s guide didn’t enter my body but stood in front of me to deliver the message, whereas Amy enters my body. Having the same energy as Amy is fascinating because it feels so normal. Almost unnoticeable, so this is something that I need to get used too.

Am looking forward to next week’s sessions and the beings that we’ve got on the channelling list.

It’s really an exciting moment in life. Haven’t felt this much excitement and happiness, well, in a very long time. That I’m moving into what I’m destined to do and can now understand why it took me all these years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Now, as I lay in bed, with flu like symptoms and in need of rest. I’m off to manufacture more CD’s to deliver them to the shop that’s selling them 🙂