Randomisation of Blurbs

What a week it has been! More emotional release and delving into more heavy stuff and then getting asked if I’ll be interested in a job in Melbourne. Honestly, the person whom contacted me thought I was already in Melbourne for some reason as she asked me to come meet them.

Asked me if I’d relocate and the answer was Yes! I’ve done my work in this area of the country and what I carried out two weeks ago was felt on a planetary scale. It was in a conversation with Amy that told me what happened and I’m eagerly looking forward to this weekend with another channel session scheduled.

Wednesday night saw me go to Metro City to see a band called Pond. Apparently Mark Ronson was their support act but was awesome awesome awesome. It’s been so long since I’ve done something like that and had such a great time.

I’m finding so intriguing that through the past year that I’ve endured a lot and had to move out of my home. Yet, I find that I’m being interviewed for a job in Melbourne. I bloody hope I get it! It’ll be fantastic! New start to life, new place to explore, live and I’ve got amazing family members there as well. It’ll be an adventure!!! Oh I do hope to get it. It’ll be magnificent and all that hiking in the hills… Now I’m excited!

Sent the music to another publisher and got a response from them. They’re listening to a sample track as I type. Everything is on schedule according to the soul plan. Now to see what comes from this!