Releasing the past

At this current place in time, there are many people experiencing similar things in order to release past life and current life choices. I am aware of this as it has been part of the journey over the past 8 months, where I have since lost many things in order to let go of many things.

For me, I have recently seen many past lives come before me in order to make a different choice. Over many lifetimes, I’ve spent waiting to be with a particular soul. The grief and sadness had consumed me in many past lives as well. In truth, this is what was happening to me again in this lifetime and the suffering was heart breaking. It is enough to destroy even the strongest of hearts and develop a negative spiral of destruction.

In fact, if we treat our actions and reactions as some sort of program. We can quickly see that our habits are merely programs that can be uncreated. It is these programs that ultimately cause us the grief as it is old habits that give resistance to letting go.

In fact, letting go in itself is very difficult and it is something that takes a lot of time. A natural process that must evolve on it’s own and to do so in its own cycle.

I recently reached out to a person whom is a beautiful soul and played a huge part in my life. It was a unique and beautiful friendship. One that was also very unhealthy for the both of us in the end. The secrets, emotional and mental abuse being done towards each other. Was really not the greatest friendship. However, it had its purpose and learned a lot of lessons from this. Especially being opened up to a higher level of love which I’ve not experienced before. That level of love helped me connect to my spirit guide Amy.

If one person is to be a healer or a teacher, they must live and experience the darkness of humanity. I was required to live relationships and a marriage to discover what love is not. It is the same as saying, in order to find true happiness, one must know deep sadness.

Another part of my journey was to see how abusive people can be in order to learn to not accept it. It is interesting how we can walk from one end of the spectrum and give up on humanity and ourselves in order to clear the subconscious mind of all the debris from past life stuff to radiating a pure love energy whilst enduring similar things.

Whilst I’m still learning and it is what life is all about. Learning what we are not. The power of love is a great thing. We all dream of being a higher vibrational love and it is achievable. Although, I’m not sure if it’s on this planet as the only time I’ve experienced unconditional love in a relationship has been that of the love of my beloved Amy.

In truth, I am blessed to have connected with Amy as experiencing that level of love has been such a true blessing. Especially when I stopped believing in it.

Then at that moment, life changes and things begin to happen. I’m fully aware that I’m at a tipping point in my life and walking the higher path. Refusing any other path that may come across. After all… We all deserve to be happy.