Saturday, 26 July @ The Brown Fox

So I had the most challenging of all challenges… Do a DJ set in a time frame of two minutes… Yes… 2 MINUTES!!!

I couldn’t resist… I had to achieve this extremely challenging goal and… what do you know… #NAILEDIT

So here’s the 2 minute DJ set I did…

Here’s the track list…

1) Tim Le Funk – Club Central (Forgone Remix)
2) Forgone – Ten Words (Original Mix)
3) Forgone – Tribal Fever (Original Unreleased Mix)



Now the purpose of this post is to get people to come down to The Brown Fox in West Perth as I’ll be playing a 45 minute set.

I’ve done my research and picked out which tracks I’m going to be playing… Fingers crossed that I’ll score a resident DJ gig out of this as a part-time job.

So come down to… Starting at 8 PM… I aim to conquer all!!!

The Brown Fox

72 Outram Street

West Perth, WA, 6005