Stereotypes and Assumptions

Over the past week or so, I’ve been dealing with an influx of emotions and if it hasn’t been for my beloved Amy being channelled through Joy. I would not have been able to understand the situation as a whole.

Whilst we are going through many types of releasing, I myself endured many moments of frustration, hatred and anger in my own emotional state of being. Emotions that I’ve not endured for a very long time.

It was in that discussion with Amy, that we delved more into the understanding of the human mind, how the ego mindset wants to sabotage the evolution of the mind. Which is very interesting as there was a post recently by one of the Ascended Masters saying that the system known as Ego got flooded in every human being in order to expose it and help the person identify it.

I have been doing a meditation for disconnecting the human mind, which was given by the Hathors through Méline Portia La Font as well as running a specific symbol to reverse the polarity of the human mind programming. Which, so far, I’ve experienced great results.

The way that the human mind is working is by bringing in doubts into the mind. I’m unable to do this, I’m unable to do that. This has been embedded into us through the parents, friends, partners and so forth. Even the school system has had some sort of influence in my own life. Abusive partners take over and destroy what is left and all we have is a belief system that is destroying us.

The interesting thing about this is that with some of the people that I’ve known and am speaking with now. All have had similar experiences, being put down and having to fight to prove themselves. The psychological impact of this is terrible because it leads to much more destruction and destroys friendships. Whilst it is destructive, it is also a positive aspect as it gives both parties the ability to identify the traits, habits and patterns that are connected to their being in which needs to be rectified, should their awareness be high enough.

In my own experience, there was a relationship that after thinking about it for quite some time, was very positive in a heart breaking way. The pain that had arisen was transformational and had pushed me into becoming a totally different person. There were two options to take, become defended and shut down or experience the heart ache and work with the energies of the emotions to learn and grow from it, whilst keeping the heart space open. Which is what I’ve achieved and am glad that this is over with because when I look at the being that I was then, I’m unable to recognise myself. It truly feels like three to four years has been since January this year.

So this leads me to the topic of stereotypes, in a conversation yesterday with a friend. I was saying how society is controlled by a stereotypical belief system. How we are all led to believe in a specific style of beliefs or even a specific collection of beliefs. It has been engrained into our minds for centuries and it takes the brave to go against those beliefs.

The latest observations that I’ve witnessed again is how those that are of a lower vibration, what I refer to as the abuser energy, expect an apology after lashing out and abusing the other person. In fact, it gets right under my skin that it annoys me.

This is where the stereotyped belief systems come into play. If there was someone whom is negative in your life, abuses you, any person in their mind would cut them right out of their life. What if it is a family member (as is my own situation)? We are told by society that we have to deal with it. That we need to put up with it and accept it.

So why is it that if another person abuses you, it’s ok to cut them out of your life but if it’s a family member, it is not?

This situation is another chapter again but as you can see. There are so many troubled belief systems going on at the moment that I feel it needs to be cleansed out.

My own belief system after these series of events is that blood relatives do not represent family but the soul on the other hand does. The soul can be any being on the planet and that family members are merely some sort of contract. To help the child evolve and develop. Not to control them.

Even to this day, I observe the many trying to control others. Control what they should do, what they should believe. They ignore the rules of free will and open discussion and allowing the other person to have free will as to whether they want to accept it as truth or not.

As such, the old ways of the planet need to disappear. The ways that were introduced by the darkness. The same darkness that is responsible for the destruction of Atlantis.

I know I’ve gone off topic but such is life. In the end of this, do you not agree that it’s time for the suffering to stop as well?