Such an beautiful day

Sitting on the lawn, day dreaming away of the amazing things that are happening and contemplating what to write next about in the workshop content that I’m putting together for the crystal workshops that begin on Thursday.

It’s absolutely amazing to not only get told by mediums to have Archangel Michael, Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Kassandra and everything and everyone else tell me to do these workshops. So I eventually got the hint and it’s taking a turn for something amazing. There’s about 5 different workshops that I’ve already brain stormed and it’s about the New Age of Crystal energy. Crystalline frequencies and so forth. So there’s something truly special coming.

I almost quit during the week because of the depressive state that I have been in. Trying to keep moving forward but having that feeling of having something missing at the same time was tearing my apart and then yesterday, after meeting Kelly Sayers in her workshop on finding the life purpose (which I do know) working with Archangel Michael & Raphael. The energy within me changed again. The pain and sorrow that was eating me up and tormenting me was removed.

I have tried everything to clear this. I’ve asked for help from my guides, from healers to clear it and the most simplest thing… Worked!

That’s what happens when the left brain analyses everything. We screw ourselves up to a level of mental retardation. I’m still trying to “get out of the way” when doing the channelling work and I’ve done it in past life times. It’s not even new. So it’s strange, how something we know how to do, the human mind gets in the way.


It’s such a beautiful day to sit in nature but must run. Need to take photos of new stock and get deliveries sent off and then back to working on the content.

So far, have covered how to contact crystalline guides, the crystalline realms, spoke about crystalline energy, crystalline bodies, how to feel the crystalline body and how to feel the frequencies of crystalline energy.

Spoken about the crystalline Kingdom and much more. How to charge crystals with the energies of the omniverse and so forth.

Have more things to write but for the very first workshop. I believe this is moving to a totally different type of workshop ever experienced.