The count down is on!

Ok, so I admit that I was dancing in Bunnings to the song “The heat is on” and it implies what I’m talking about when it comes to the workshop tomorrow night.

I’ve collated over 20 pages of content and have plenty of more pages to write before I even begin to get to a stage of what I’m going to be teaching. My guides will be there tomorrow night, as they always are and for the first time in, I will say years… There is a new feeling of self love and happiness within and it’s glowing!

It is like a whole new world is upon us and I’m looking forward to experiencing it. There’s so much work that I need to do and it’s not really work because I love it so much. So if it is something one is passionate about then is it really work?

Everything begins with self belief. If you don’t believe in yourself then you won’t love yourself. If you don’t love yourself then you’re going to go no where. This is what we call the lower path… In order to break through this and get to the higher path, or the path that you wrote prior to incarnation.

Maybe the path of suffering is indeed the higher path in order to learn and cherish the beauty of life. The beauty of friendships that are loving. The beauty of being in nature and with animals.

Something has changed within and when I reflect on who I am right now to the person I was two weeks. It makes me feel so proud to know that I have changed so much. I know I’m different, I feel it. Do I need to show the world that I’ve changed? No.

We’re all blessed children of the creators, of the gods, of God. It doesn’t matter how you call it or what you call it. You and I are the same. We are also different… But in our hearts we evolve around one thing and that’s love, prosperity and even more love.

When we created the planets, it was made with love. We gave you free will out of love, we allowed you to choose your own path and make your own destiny from love. We have always been there for you with love. That is what we are… Love. We love creating, we love what we create and we love. It makes us so happy to see the planet evolving. It is our greatest creation and we’ll do anything to see it thrive in the way we intended.

That is the power of love… The birth of a planet. If we can make a galaxy and a universe from love then what do you think you’re able to achieve with love?

We shall leave you with that thought blessed ones. Think about what you’re able to achieve in your life with unconditional love.

We thank you..