The price of negativity

Another random post and this time I’m going to write about something that I have been experiencing over the past few months and am trying to work on my self in over coming, which is negativity.

People say that we call in the negativity and drama in to our lives and we deny it. However, in some way or another, this is the truth. The people we share our lives with, the people we live with and how we treat ourselves. They all have an impact on our lives.

We all go through tough times, we all have problems and it’s an ordinary part of life. No person I know has had an easy life.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with a separation from someone whom I really do care for. In fact, you can go so far as saying as that person is the one that I love in ways that I can’t explain it.

So of course, I’m a bit bummed out but decided to bottle up my emotions and move forward in life, only to get reminded to deal with them as the pain that is within needs to be cleared. The pain as it arises can create a hell of a lot of negativity because one tries to deny their emotions. It’s a sad story to be honest. However, it is what it is and we get on with life.

We talk to people that we call friends and I swear… All they do is say stuff that really says… “give me a left hook, follow with an upper cut” because the negative stuff that they say is powerful and if we allow it into our minds… Can ultimately destroy something very beautiful.

What i have observed is that people give advice to friends without knowing whom the person is. We can give them so much information but they don’t come from self. They don’t come from the person dealing with the crisis. They can only speak from a certain perspective which is in itself. Not healthy… I’ve recently endured this in a series of people.. One of them called himself a psychiatrist and I wouldn’t refer him to anyone.

I do feel that no one listens to me when I speak. They ignore everything that I say and only say what they want to say which I am sure others feel about me. However, I will not say to my friends… Oh that’s a bad idea, that person isn’t good for you or whatever because we’re dealing with love.

Love is such a fragile thing and having people interfere with your mindset about how you feel is so very destructive. The perception of the person you love is changed and in all truth,  a complete mind fuck. Then, you reconnect with the person and all that negativity from someone getting up in your head is there and the friendship is hindered because of it.

I bloody made this mistake and I know it has been done to me so many times. I watched it unfold in front of me and so many times, I wanted to say to them… Whom are you talking too because they’re not a good friend. However, I’m guilty of doing this myself and this time… Those people whom got into my head got a rude awakening this week.

Winston Churchill once said… “tact is telling someone to go to hell in a way that they look forward to the trip”… It was through the use of tact that I pushed these people away.

Whilst it was great to connect to people about spirituality and becoming much more confident in my abilities. When someone gives me advice on relationships, expect to receive the heat of an erupting volcano come down on to you.

My recent observations have seen that people come from experiences and do not ever tell you information that is right for you. In fact… Anyone.

So I have seen… A professional specialist give me advice and friends give me advice all based on information and their own experiences without even knowing how beautiful the other person is.

No one knows the heart of the other person. No one knows the beauty of their soul and I’m very lucky that I have a natural ability to see this.

In the end…. I let other people influence myself in a way that I did not trust my own beliefs about what I was seeing and what I was feeling.

From this day forward… I will always say… Follow your own heart when it comes to love because it is what will guide you in truth. No one else will ever ever guide you correctly unless they of true heart.

That’s my ramble….