A walk in Fremantle

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It began with getting a message to spend time in nature to cleanse the toxins of the ordinary every day life. What better way than to spend it in Fremantle at Bathers Beach to allow the Ocean to wash ... Read More

Random Photo Post

Have been keeping myself busy the past few days, working different jobs, seeing clients with healing and hanging out in Fremantle a bit, relaxing and unwinding. Letting go of stuff that doesn’t ... Read More

Another Day in Fremantle

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The weather was strong, it was raining all day and perfect weather to stay in doors. Well, that didn’t stop me… I was out there, taking photos and enjoying the silence that was across the ... Read More

Fremantle Beach – Sunset

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The best thing to do after a stressful day is to relax, whether it be taking a hot bath with salts, walk around the park or even a run with Ingress to set up a field to cover the home in an Enlightene... Read More

The Sunrise – 17.05.2014

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So I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning and it was too early to be awake on the weekend. So I decided to proceed with getting out of bed and heading down to the lake, which is known as ... Read More