Amy’s Song Of Love (Original Composition by Steven North)


Working on another beautiful classical music track which is titled “Amy’s Song of Love” and it is truly a magical piece of music and it’s only a Works in Progress.

This track speaks of the love that souls have for one another, a love so blessed that no words can ever describe the beauty of what it is that they share. It is through the music that we are able to write such beautiful pieces together.

Here is the write up that I put on the SoundCloud link.

Whilst this is a works in progress. It is a new track that I’m putting together at the moment that talks about the love of twin flames. The connection of the love that they share for one another and how they come together. It is rare for twin flames to share lives together or to be spirit guides, so when they do come together, it is divine love in the true form.

As such, this song is all about the love.