Crystalline Energy, Reiki Energy & Music

Some time ago, it was said to me during a channel session that I would be incorporating crystalline frequencies and Reiki frequencies with music. It was even said to me a few weeks ago after a channelling session with Serapis Bey.

It had taken around a year of brain storming to figure out how to combine all these frequencies. I began researching sound frequencies, Solfeggio frequencies, harmonics, wave forms and so forth. I thought I would need to get some of harmonic generator in order to embed the energies into the music.

Well, it was just this weekend that I went ahead and thought about it some more and developed a prototype and it came out as a great success. The experiment used a number of different frequencies and energies such as Pink Danburite, Elestial Amethyst Quartz, Raw Amethyst Point, Sodalite, Clear Quartz and Faden Quartz.

The music was then tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies of 432 Hz. They were then added to the track “Music in the After Life” and it was such a beautiful experience. The audio was converted into 32 bit audio depth rather than 16 bit in order to retain the vibrations of the energetics and people were selected to listen to it. Primarily people that were sensitive to energies to get feedback from the music.

It was to my surprise that every person said the same thing. They experienced something truly amazing and mesmerising. The experiment worked and went on to create another track with Apophyllite and even that was really powerful energies. I managed to achieve the goal of merging crystal energy with musical notes. It’s truly a blissful experience.

I’ve since sent the music off to a publisher for review to see if they’ll publish the music. Booked a sound recording studio to professionally put the music together and have it mastered. This is truly a blissful and exciting time as a dream that I once had is becoming the reality. Producing music to heal many people.

I’m wanting to experiment it with the Ajna light. So I’ll speak to the developer of the technology to see if he experiences a huge difference in healing sessions with this music as well.

Well. Today, I’m happy in ways that I can’t explain. My guide Amy has been so wonderful, guiding me towards this, helping me to achieve this. I cannot thank her enough and to help find the solution to this. Such a wonderful moment. It works!!!! It works!!!!!