Moondchild’s Dream (Original Score)

This preview is of a track that I’ve dedicated to another spirit guide of mine whom is known as Moonspirit. She has been making herself known for quite some time and can physically feel it. Moonspirit is an Apache Female Warrior whom is about living free without conformity! Something that I aspire too!

Using Native American Indian music. I’ve created this track to honour that spirit guide connection.

Moonchild is from the Apache tribe and is one that keeps me on my path. She is kind in heart but fierce in spirit, a warrior energy and yet very soft at times too, nurting and yes, painted face at times. She is both masculine & feminine and she is a strong symbol of balance. She is a very beautiful and strong spirit and one that I can feel physically as she makes her presence known in my physical body.

Moonchild is about the inspiration of freedom of the path and not walking in conformity than anything else.