Opera of the Twin Flames

This collection of original music pieces have been put together by Steven North (the person behind ‘Forgone’).

The Opera of the Twin Flames is to tell a story of a journey that travels through time. It speaks of many moments through the journey of a twin reunion… from being together on one side of the veil to the separation and being reunited again…


The journey entails the following tracks…

1) Heavenly Bliss – This is the beginning of two souls being together. The Eternal Love that is shared between both souls.

2) The Angels Cry – The Powers that be plus their own realization that the two souls destined to be together, will be separated as one decides to incarnate and the other is left behind.
3) The Tribute to the Twin Flame – The sadness of the separation of the twin soul.
4) Burning Hearts – The Feminine aspect of the two souls
5) Journey Through the Emotions of Time – The Masculine aspect of the two souls
6) The Pain Within – The feeling of drudgery as the working soul of journey gets weighted on with the mass sadness within the heart & soul
7) The Exposure of the Heart – Reharmonising and preparing for the arrival
8) That Special Someone – The feelings of joy as the energies of the twin flame enters the life
9) May You Love – The beginning of intimacy between the twin flames unite as one
10) The Insatiable Lust – The sensual union of the two souls
11) Monsato – The Final Union as they join together as one.

A huge thank you goes to Glenn Cvitan for the artistic collation and putting the tracks into order. As well as encouraging me to keep working with what I love.