The Insatiable Lust For Sound – Part 41 (Got Bored & Distracted)

Question: What do you get when you cross Steven North, Boredom, Energy, Happiness & Procrastination?


It’s been a long and productive day and well… This is how it works! Splash of boredom, bit of distraction and then maybe a bit of butt shaking moves 😛

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  1. Sidney Charles – Home Territory (Original Mix)
  2. Mario Ochoa – The Fluteman (Original Mix)
  3. Abel The Kid, Keylanders – Zumba Socks (Original Mix)
  4. My Digital Enemy, Jason Chance – When the Dawn Breaks 2012 (Filterheadz Remix)
  5. Groovebox – Gangster (Original Mix)
  6. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – The Most Dangerous Game (Original Mix)
  7. Phil Weeks – All Day Every Day – Original Mix
  8. Hoxton Whores, DJ PP – Bass Bump (Original Mix)
  9. Rene Amesz – Dextro (Original Club Mix)
  10. Egoism, Bazu – Kak Dela (Original Mix)
  11. Deep City Groove – Faith (Original Club Mix)
  12. Muzzaik – Fat Patchy (Belocca & Soneec Dark Dub)
  13. George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Terakan (Original Club Mix)
  14. Siwell – Tech This Out (Original Club Mix)