A message from Red Tara

As we sit here in a circle at this beautiful location today with our beloved vessel that we call Steven, listening to the music that was put together by his soul.

We take this opportunity to share this message of love & peace to all those whom read these messages.

My name is Red Tara, I’m a bodhisattva and have been guiding this beautiful soul for many lifetimes as he devoted his life to me. I’ve come to teach him the ways of silencing the mind and being in the void. To quieten the thoughts and heal his own mind.

The human race is evolving and the need to take time to yourself is very important. Connect to nature, hug a tree, feel the wind and see the beauty of the world around. Feel the elements and see the love that is within and around you.

This moment, as we speak through this vessel. We ask you to sit next to a tree and feel the beauty that this Earth offers. Look at the colours, look at everything and feel blessed that you are here, feel alive in the moment.

Then take a moment to close your eyes, focus on the heart and listen to it beating. Do you see the universe that swirls around it? Go into it, slow the spinning down and stop it. Sit in the void and feel the serenity of peace.

This is where you slow down the mind and give yourself the love that you deserve. It is this void that you become free of all attachments, of all materialistic beliefs. This is where the love for self begins. Inside the heart.

So we would like to leave you with this message. If you see the world in a particular way, that is your reality, that is what you attract into your life.

If you see the world as filled with love and relationships and you long for one. Find the happiness within what you’re seeing because if you feel that energy and radiate that energy. You will find yourself in a relationship that is loving, nurturing, kind and rewarding.

Do not be upset by what you see around you. You are seeing it because that is what your heart desires.

Remember always that you are the love that you are given.

I am Red Tara