Archangel Gabriel message to humanity 11th-August-2014


AA Gabriel message to humanity 11th August 14


Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I am here with you as now step into the LIGHT of TRUTH at a waking human conscious mind level. The outpouring of emotion the necessary release from the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth construct. I ask for you to align fully with the HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and your heart is now calling to you. Do you remember your dreams little ones? do you remember the call of your heart?

I ask you to find shelter within the heart space for the dissolving and crumbling of the old 3D earth construct may appear to you as a huge storm but the eye of the storm is the clarity that you seek. This is found only within the heart space and is not found out with of SELF, do you understand my guidance?

For those who have chosen to show the human race TRUTH the expansion of the human energy signature now expands rapidly. The multi dimensional nature of the outer waking human life experience will now expand in TRUTH and this will now walk you into INTER dimensionality. This will birth fully through those who have chosen to walk into the New Earth frequency realities fully awake and conscious on ALL levels of their BEing in TRUTH.

I send the following coding to the children of the New Earth frequency realities:






22 333 66 111





I place the SEAL of SOLOMON in the third eye, I place the EYE of HORUS in the CROWN chakra and I place liquid gold in the EARTH STAR and the CROWN chakra.  I pour SILVER through your energy signature and ask for you to allow the full ignition of your SOUL through, around and within the human vehicle.

I am the energies that have been referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with you now as you birth HEAVEN UPON EARTH in your human form for ALL to recognise and to ankhor in TRUTH.

33 22 33 22



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