Through the Clear Channel Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

Greetings Dear Ones of Light, I am he who is Serapis Bey

Today I would like to speak to you about family and oneness. And when we speak of oneness here, we are speaking of spiritual oneness with the Divine. All over the world there are families now settling into a way of being. Some families are truly awake; they are aware of the ascension process, as one or more of them are actively on the path of upliftment. Some families are very good at heart but have no idea about the oneness, the unity of Christ Consciousness awareness that is essential for humanity’s upliftment, they just do not yet know that they are not awake. But still, they are candidates for awakenment.

There are families in the world who are still mired in low frequency energies and maybe one or two of those people are awake. Perhaps they are separate from the nuclear family; perhaps they are enmeshed in it because they are under age, difficult to say. However, if one soul in a nuclear family or more importantly in a monadic family is awake, that soul helps all other monadic family members lift up. And what do I mean by lift up? We mean that the love and awareness of God permeates so much in that soul, that it radiates forth, out like a beacon. And therefor it influences all around it.

In a monadic family it is on the etheric plane, for your monadic family is large, 144 of you in one monadic family. Some of those nuclear family members may be also monadic family members, so you are helping your Earthly family with your love & light and you don’t even need to open your mouth. Just your awareness of the oneness you share with God, with the Father-Mother One, is all that you need do.

Now, what about those families who are mired in doubt, confusion, fear & misunderstanding? Of course, for millennia, prayer has helped those people, and churches are fairly good at doing that style of community prayer, but then again, what about those churches that are mired in the same low frequencies? Do you see? It is all about frequency consciousness vibration. The higher minded you are, in other words, the more you are aligned with Creator, the higher your frequencies will be. How do you get your frequencies high? You meditate, and when you meditate you do nothing but allow the alignment you share with God, the Divinity within you, to be One with the Divinity of All That Is, in other words the Father Creator, the Father-Mother One. Open your hearts and allow the Christ consciousness awareness to come in, the three-fold flame of love, empowerment, and wisdom to reside in you. For the love that resideth in you is the love that resideth in your family, it is the love nourished by Creator. This is Oneness!

I am he who is Serapis Bey. God bless you.