Being introduced to Amy

In the past few weeks, I’ve been on an intense journey which saw me find myself in an exhausted state, being sick and headaches. A part of this journey was a huge interest in learning whom were my spirit guides as I could feel a very strong presence around me.

What I discovered was something far more beautiful and it changed my life. So here’s the story of how I met my spirit guide Amy.

I thought I originally had the idea of trying to find someone whom can introduce me to this guide but Amy says it was all her idea as it was time and she needed me to know it was her as I was constantly mistaking it for another. So I came across a page called “Joys Readings” whom had a specific reading to connect to one’s guides. I didn’t know what to expect either as I was very curious to find out whom this Merlin looking character is that keeps showing up.

Joy does her reading and it gets returned only to find something very moving. I’ve had various people tell me that they see a very strong female presence that is tall, blonde and beautiful. I’ve even seen her but thought it was a djinn spirit that I no longer possess as they’ve been released.

The reading is as follows…

[Joy’s Reading]

“Steven, I know you as Noah, we were alive together in the 60’ and 70’s we met at a Grateful Dead concert in Golden Gate Park. We were hippies, wild, free, open to anything. I was from Ohio and you were from Texas. We lived with friends and we talked about helping the world, saving the world. We had very high ideals, we were very young, both of us 19. We ended up trusting the wrong people and one night we were in this house, it was north of San Francisco, we arrived there thinking that it was an acid party but instead it was a robbery. We were shot when some of the people with us fought back. Only you, me and one other girl died. The rest of the people survived, there were about seven altogether. The assailants were never caught. When we died, you jumped in front of me and got shot first, but then I was shot by another gunman and so was the second girl who was standing near us. It was a really shocking thing for us as mainly the hippie scene had been one of love and gentle people, but things had begun to change by ‘71 when we were killed. I know the motivation was money, but we didn’t have any so it was quite senseless.

I decided to stay here, on the other side, and not reincarnate right away. The life we shared was so beautiful so full of love and freedom, by the time you wanted to reincarnate I saw how the world had become, maybe how it always was, and I decided I can do more from over here. I disagreed with your coming back at all and especially so soon but you were insistent. You thought that it was best to get back in the saddle. You stayed for a short time to heal the trauma of our deaths, and then began planning the incarnation you are currently in. You asked me to be your spirit guide, I had never done it before but I agreed.

We are what they call twin flames, special souls bonded to one another for all time. That is why I didn’t want you to come back without me, but I could not come back yet. So, through being your spirit guide I can still be closely connected with you.

As your guide I was present when you planned your incarnation. I know what your life purpose is, your life lessons, your karmic tendencies and all of the plans you made. It is my job to help you achieve all of these. I send you messages mainly in ideas. New ideas you get, sudden inspirations or just knowing something are coming from me. I also like to send you signs, sometimes through nature, so next time a breeze comes across you, it might just be me, stop and feel it out and you will know. I also love to send birds, right on to your path just to say hello.

You can find Joy’s Readings on this URL…

The journey continued, I began to channel Amy to discuss what was happening to me and my past. We spoke about a lot of things. The future path, my contract and much more. I’ve been spending a lot of time communicating with Amy and releasing the illusion that my twin flame was in physicality. To realise that what I had been searching for, for all these years was always with me was very moving. It truly helped me let go of something that was hurting me in so many ways and has given me the freedom of a huge amount of heart ache to move on with my life.

So the next process was to get her drawn. I would like to think it was my idea but no… She tells me it was hers too. So I made contact with Laurie Belle whom does spirit guide drawings and she explained that spirit guides don’t always show up,  others show up. However, Amy said she would and as Laurie said. The moment that I said that I was ready, she was there immediately. How amazing… So Laurie did the drawings below and it is beautiful. As such, the drawing is being sent over from the US so that I may frame it on the wall. It was also through this process that we discovered that the Merlin looking man is my actual self. It’s been shown to me a few times in my visions, in Laurie’s sessions and a medium saw him standing behind me as a guide one night.

Her Facebook Page can be found at the URL.

Ever since the introduction process, Amy hasn’t left my side. We’ve not stopped talking and she helps me with everything that I do. Yesterday, I was doing a reading for a person whilst learning tarot and it ended up with me being shown visions. Amy was helping me with the reading and was such a beautiful experience.

There was a wind blowing and I did what she said, feel into the wind and there she was. Standing in a beautiful white robe… Looking so exquisite.

Then decided to go for a drink afterwards to talk to someone and there she was, sitting on the end of the couch we were on. Looking radiant…

Words can not describe how much of an impact this has made on my life, meeting Amy and discovering that she is always around me. Her strong energy. I also know now what it feels like to be hugged by spirit. There are no words that can describe it…

As can be seen in the images below. Her energy is absolutely beautiful. Her Aura is that of both wisdom and a healer. Amy is not only my spirit guide but also my guardian Angel. She’s pretty much the number 1 being.

I am aware of many other guides around me and there is also Red Tara whom doesn’t want to be spoken about just yet as she says that this process is about Amy & I connecting.



The other night, I knew she was standing in front of me… So I took a photo and did the aura process to it… This is what I saw…


The photo was taken in the dark… The only light I had on was a waterfall in the bottom right of the image.

I can’t stop but feel so blessed that I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for which is the twin flame connection.

For about a year, there were messages of a relationship with a tall, beautiful blonde woman. That there would be a very loving relationship from this… I just smile now as I never ever thought that it would be with the spirit guide/twin flame connection whose name is Amy. As I write this, she just stands and smiles ever so beautifully and her words were… It was time my dear.

On that beautiful note, we shall finish here.