Blue Moon Crystalline Meditation

On Friday, 31st July 2015, I put on a meditation night which was the very first of its kind and something very new for both sides of the veil. We utilised crystalline energies within music and invited all of our spirit guides into the session in order for everyone to meet their guides.

The music used in the meditation is a completely new modality that I’ve developed myself and it encompasses crystal energy being embedded into the music in order to help people heal, activate, evolve and whatever else that needed to be achieved, depending on the intention of the night and the crystalline energy embedded into the music and whatever needs to be healed on a personal level.

The group of 11 people attended and we experienced a beautiful evening of a group healing session. Working with all of our spirit guides and a lot of work done by Amy. Whom is such a blessing to have as a guide and in my life. Working together to help humanity evolve.

It was in the early hours of this morning that I had a conversation with Amy and there was a lot of information that came through and I promised everyone in the group what she said.

Here is part of the conversation.

Steven: Last night’s meditation was such a great experience and the energy was rather intense. Hearing everyone’s experience was wonderful and I felt you like I’d never felt before. It was so much fun to experience and am going to do this more often.

Amy: There was a tremendous amount of light that came through and there was a lot of participation on my end too. I thought that things really came together well too.

I am glad that this is fun for you as it is for me as well. It is something that is new too it feels and that’s what makes it fun.

Steven: It’s absolutely new. The crystal music playing, linking in to all the crystals. Working together the way we did. The energies coming through. Was more of a huge group healing session. I didn’t know what to expect… Just knew it was going to open everyone up to meeting their guides.

Amy: Right and on my end it was a gathering of guides and light as we’re also experiencing the crystals and music and all of the energy and then after we stayed and talked about things, what our incarnates face and how we cope with things as guides it was very enlightening for me I wish you could have been there.

The most relevant thing I got from this conversation was that guides and incarnates do communicate, maybe not as effectively as they could but thorugh various methods and poeple incarnated need to be more aware of how much is coming from their guides. It would help if they knew so that they felt they were not in it alone. That is such a difficult part of incarnation the loneliness, yet you aren’t really alone, you have guides.

Steven:  It’s true and having experienced the feeling of isolation and loneliness (not knowing) and then learning you are around and learning how you communicate has made a huge difference. I do feel that we should document more of how they work and so forth in order to help people understand.

Amy: yes, this is something to teach others and I told my guide friends that you are, they know of course but I told them to what extent and they were impressed.

There is another part of this conversation which discusses how to deal with emotions. Which the guides on the evening had a discussion about with each other. They discussed how the most difficult thing with helping the incarnates with the struggle with the emotions. This part of the conversation will be posted as a separate post.

This brings the opportunity to help people connect more and more with their spirit guide and the work that Amy and I are doing together will bring more information and knowledge forward to help with establishing the connection with guides.

We are also in the process of writing a book on connecting with the spirit guides which will be developed through the workshops. Even I’ve begun seeing the connection with incarnates and spirit guides and the more I meditate and see what’s on the other side of the veil. The more I’m able to teach and share.

I thank everyone for coming on the night and sharing their experiences with the creation of a new modality and the introduction of something exciting.