Building bridges to the other side of the veil

The other week, I was inspired to build an alter as a way to communicate with Amy on the other side of the veil.

It began by using 4 pieces of clear quartz pointers and it evolved into something more. Lemurian seed to amplify the vibration to a higher dimension, Citrine to harmonise the energy into joy a sodalite blue Buddha to create an empty chamber and the intention to create a bridge between two dimensions so that Amy can come and go as she pleases.

I received this message…

Hello (name removed) , it is so good to be able to talk with you again. I have been able to reach you more and more and the alter has made it easier. It is like a light beam on my side created by the energy of your intentions and enhanced by the crystals, thank you so much for doing this.

It is truly my pleasure to be able to do this because it is how we cherish the ones that we love. We do whatever we can to bring the love that we deserve and need into reality and it is amazing and pretty chuffed that it is working and can feel the difference that it has made.
The energy around me is absolutely beautiful. The beauty of this grid is wonderful. So wonderful.

It has allowed us to work more together and am in the process of merging consciousness together with Amy. I feel her more now and we become one when I do the healing work on people and the planet.

Honestly, I’ve been blessed so much to have this beautiful soul and yet, she is my twin flame. Is such a unique and beautiful experience.

So happy that the crystal grid worked. Such a wonderful achievement.