Cutting Etheric Cords

Today’s article, I’m going to write about cutting etheric cords from people. To explain why this article has been put together is because the past few days has seen a huge shift in energy and mine being called into places. I have been trying to call in clients and the people that I kicked out of my life reconnected. I thought I would play the game of observation to see what happens around me and what I saw was true. It all lined up with a vision that I had seen.  I had called the beginning of the chaos to begin on the 10th of January 2015 and I was merely 24 hours off….

Over the past week or so, I began feeling an energy towards me, one that tried to get me to make contact with someone. I refused to do it because I didn’t want that in my life but the energy was there. I tried blocking it, redirecting it and in the end I ended up talking with the higher dimensions and my higher self and said… “As much as I show gratitude for this offer, I choose not to take this alternate path that you’re offering because it goes against my own morals” and believe it or nor… that energy messaged in me in a matter of minutes.

I refused to sit in this energy and whilst there is a tonne of chaos, I did not want to get involved. In fact, I learned my lessons.

Which led me to the process of cutting cords.

An email from Reiki Rays was the prompt for writing this article which can be viewed here…

I will also have a very quick meditation video from CelestialMessages333 which will assist in cutting etheric cords.

Cord Cutting

Article by Ananya Sen

Cords are etheric attachments to your aura that bind you or connect you with a person, object or situation. They create a sense of stress and strain in your being. They may also create obsession and obligation.

If you are feeling drained or obligated in a certain situation or relationship, you probably have cords attached to your aura. Some cords are past life ones, which you have still not cleared. And if those relationships are still there with you in this lifetime, then you will create the same pattern over and over again.

Irritation or sadness thinking of a certain time or episode in your life, also means there are attachments to your aura. Especially if you have had any tragedy or trauma, the cords will be very heavy. You may also not be able to get over the passing away of a deceased loved one. That’s because the energy fields between you still have not been cleared. Cords need to be cut. They keep your energy clear and free.

If you are worried about breaking the relationship with a person, don’t because only negative and fear based cords get removed. Cords based on mutually beneficial relationships will not get removed. Even if you accidentally cut away these cords the relationship will not get affected. Cords are not just based on people. There are situations and objects people are attached to. Addictions or OCD of certain types can also be cords.

Emotional cords can be caused by divorces, separated couples, unable to recover from your break up. Cords always have negative emotions such as ego, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, anger. We often realize this when we enter a relationship or a job with positive expectations and then all hell breaks loose! So let’s get down to how we can remove these cords.

The Reiki Way

Do the basic grounding and calming of your mind. Connect to your aura with HSZSN, saying “connect me to all my etheric cords” three times. You will be able to sense or see the rope like attachments in various parts of your body. Pull them out gently. Seal those gaps and points from where you pulled out the cord, with CKR. Keep doing this for all the rope like attachments. You will know when it is done.

If you are not comfortable doing this work on yourself, you can do it on a teddy or ask a Reiki friend to do it for you.

The Non – Reiki Way

This is for everyone, who wonder that they can’t do this exercise if they are not attuned to Reiki ! Simple calling and praying to Archangel Michael will help. He has a heavenly sword which is for this purpose. He will remove all fear attachments from your aura. If you suspect or want to clear past life cords or karmic cords, call upon Archangel Raziel. Whenever, you work with any angels, just ask them to do the thing for you and surrender. It will be done!

You should do it at least once or twice a month, to keep your relationships healthy. Also you feel lighter. I do it almost twice a month. It keeps me energetically light and in control of my personal power. Don’t worry if some relationships end because of this exercise, cause they were not serving you any purpose.

Remember cords once cut can come back again. So you will need to repeat this exercise often. Hope this helps!


Cutting Etheric Cords with Archangel Michael and Raphael