Dream of a haunted school

I really need to share this dream that I just woke up from. It was so bloody amazing.

I’m not sure where this orphanage is, possibly in the US. It’s run down and yet for some reason people still work in it today.

There was recently a bunch of ghost hunters that went through this building and had a lot of success documenting the paranormal. As one of the staff members told me.

The place was so haunted that they all went to places together and they’ve had so much random stuff happened.

I visited this building completely randomly (sure, it didn’t feel it). We were in the main area that was functioning. Then I asked if I could enter the orphanage and they said at my own will with a look of “you’re crazy”. I knew why I was there.

I was already beginning to feel a huge love of heaviness in the heart centre. Which is indicative of paranormal activities. They were around me. Someone said that they were clairvoyant and said that they can see a number of arch angels around me and something more, a blonde woman… (they saw Amy).  The feeling of heaviness was too much and had to go outside and ground myself. Whilst sitting with both feet and hands in the dirt. I spoke with Amy. I needed a plan because there were a large number of souls in this building. I am here to send them to the light and it’s going to take a lot of work.

They told me what I needed to do.

Whilst I was in the main area before coming out. I began calling in the beings that I work with to begin crossing the spirits over, so they can “go home”. Walking towards the door, I could actually see the changes in the light spectrum and could see the shape of a boy in front of me. So strongly, I touched his shoulder. Went into a meeting room and could hear them laughing. I knew they were crossing over as the density of the energy was getting much lighter. Then, got the message to go ground myself.

So back in I go…. Calling in everyone, for we were only in the front door and we hadn’t even begun to get through the building. As the group was collecting their stuff… 4 wolves came to me. Two were sitting on my feet, one in front and one behind me. A staff member said that they’ve not seen the wolves do this before. Usually they seem the run off all the time. Then a message came through… Do not be afraid, we’re here.

The doors opened and it was like walking into a haunted movie. Run down buildings, signs next to trees with people’s names on it. Had to go to the centre of the complex. So we began walking through, wolves around me and we got to the middle of the grounds.

Called in a specific angel group, a specific Arch Angel and called in Christ. The doorway to the other side opened up and souls wanting to go began crossing over. Of course, they are very mischievous and this also used to be a prison of some sort.

There were lots of traumatised souls in this building, so I had to have my soul take over and begin to do the work of pulsing energy out to heal traumatised souls. There was a significant amount of work to do. I’ve done clearings of size before but nothing like this. This is something extraordinary.


So the dream continued and when I went back in. Was walking down a corridor, clearing souls and helping them cross over to the light.

Went through the entire building, clearing all the dark energy from the walls, clearing the souls and crossing everything to the light. Hours and hours of work and it was energetically draining tho.

One thing I noticed was that I also got to experience what it is like on the other side of the veil as a ghost. It was a very unique experience and the children were filled with laughter and mischief.

They would movies cups of coffee that were freshly made to other places just to annoy the staff. It was so funny watching the reactions. They had shown me how much fun they had. I couldn’t stop laughing.

They also taught me how they communicate with the living. How much effort it takes for the living to hear them. Was a great experience.

The entire building is now feeling so much lighter with all the darkness cleared out. Everyone was feeling much better and noticed it.