Easter Monday

Good morning dear Ones,

It is a time of remembrance as we embrace the meaning of Easter and the sacrifices that Jesus made for us to bring a balance into your lives. He brought us teachings, love, knowledge and more. He was a beautiful and peaceful man that gave his time and love to everyone in need. Yet, everyone has seem to have forgotten the true meaning of what he stood for by idolising his death by using symbols of sex and fertility.

As the tradition grew over time, mankind lost the connection with the beautiful teachings Jesus brought to us. He asks that we remember what he did for us and he will return. He says that he wants to embrace your life and has given the following saying for you to use freely.

“Dear Jesus, I ask that you enter my life for now and for always. To help with our process of enlightenment, to clear all etheric cords that do not serve our Highest good and to help bring us into alignment with the divine will of God and the divine creator. We ask that you bring us an abundance of love and joy into our lives and to help us bring the change that is needed to make the earth a better place. We ask to be free of all negative and un-serving contracts that do not serve our Highest good which blocks us from achieving our desires. We ask that this is done in love & light. And it is so…  Amen”

This saying will invite Jesus into your life to help you become the true, loving and caring being that you are.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak to you through this vessel in love & light.

We are the collective known as the Arch Angels, Jesus, God and the Divine Creator.