Elitism in Spirituality

This is something that I’ve just experienced and found it rather intriguing as what I was feeling (instincts) just got validated in a perfect scenario.

For a while, I’ve been seeing this particular person posting all sorts of stuff about negativity and darkness. To the point that I had to ask what was the purpose of such posts.

My instincts were saying that there was a very strong level of elitism coming from these posts. So I had to ask… My curiosity got the better of me. I had to ask what was the purpose of these posts. Why write about so much negativity. I knew it would be confrontational for the person, to have his writings questioned. However, there are always two different choices in response… Be humble about it and be open to discussion or be defensive and attack the person that asked.

Now, this particular person was writing about some topic called the big awakening and stating that he’s got all these amazing abilities and so forth to make him more awakened than anyone else. That his level of consciousness is greater than others. That he’s some sort of great teacher. Probably is but with the people that I’m meeting and are so beautiful, humble and real. Something just didn’t feel right at all.

Woke up in the morning to a message from this person which was borderline narcissistic. Not that I cared any way because the question wasn’t answered and I was hoping for an intellectual conversation. This failed…

I moved on to talk about vibrational frequencies and how fear is instilled by writing such messages to the vast number of people. That what I was seeing was lower levels of consciousness (if that’s considered an energy) and how it’s not helping anyone. That whilst I understand what the purpose of the posts were for, that that was the effects, which I’m sure is what was shown to me.

Now, the biggest way to tell if someone is truly awakened is their level of humility. Those whom are attached to an identity and boast and gloat whom they are, really isn’t an awakened being but has been consumed by their ego mind. Yes, an apparent spiritual person whom preaches about love & light can be overrun by their ego mind.

So going back to this story, whilst waiting for an intellectual conversation about energetic levels of consciousness and hoping for an answer to the question, for my own understanding. The response that came back to me was very narcissistic.

There were labels being used, accusations being made and claiming that my level of awareness was low and that I’ve got ego. Given that this has nothing to do with the discussion at hand, I completely saw a level of elitism. There were numbers being used and everything was all about someone justifying their level of existence.

I had to giggle because it was clear that this conversation was going to go no where as there was even a threat to copy and paste the conversation. I found it rather amusing to experience but due to Man Flu, I just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore and blocked the person.

From the experience tho, I’ve seen something that Amy had discussed in one of her sessions through Joy. That there is elitism in Spirituality. One of the things that I’ve learned from meeting people such as Joy and Rebecca Dawson (and many others) is that they are as real as it gets. There’s no competition, there’s no attachments to labels, there’s just a state of being.

Just because a person has abilities, doesn’t mean that they are awakened at all. Thus, it was an extraordinary experience and one that I’ll probably forget very soon due to man flu.