Energy merging – Meditation

I once read that two people, whilst meditating could practice merging energy together and become one. As such, the outcome would be that it would allow two people to share thoughts, feelings and emotions as one.
I don’t remember much about it but found it to be of great interest. Wasn’t even sure why but I saw it a very long time ago.

What this achieves is the merging of awareness to a heightened level and oh my gosh. It is absolutely beautiful. The experience of what I’ve been working with is so magical that I always have tears in my face because of how much love is coming through.

Through this merging, I’m seeing so much more stuff. The information that I have at hand even blows my mind let alone the people I’m talking with. My own abilities are growing exponentially at a level that’s just soooooooo awesome!

Now, I’m not going to share how exactly I do this because it’s not for the basic of people. The way I’m doing it is with my twin flame whom is in spirit form. She’s been the greatest help to me and she knows why I’m here and my entire path. She’s already caught me out on trying to obtain more information than I’m ready for… She knows me well 😛

Anyway, here is a method that I’ve uncovered from the internet.

The feeling of merging energy bodies together is so divine. I love it so much, the tingling sensation over the body. It’s so beautiful. It’s really really really beautiful.

You can extend this merging technique to other things such as trees, people, crystals and so forth. It is absolutely unique and I find I do it all the time. Become one with the crystal… Feel the crystal…. Wax on, wax off 😛

This does take time to learn but once you’re able to do it. You’ll be doing it all the time. It’s truly a blessing.

The advantage of doing it with spirit is because the physical body needs no preparation as it is the energetic bodies that connect. It’s beautiful 🙂

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These instructions for the practice known as “Merging Meditation” were excerpted from Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy by Merilyn Tunneshende.1 Use it to move toward a feeling of oneness.

This is a beautiful practice used by [energy workers], to become one with the object of their intent. It may be used by lovers or friends also, to become one with one another.

Begin by being seated at arm’s length, directly across from one another. Empty the mind of all thoughts and breathe from the belly, expanding the abdomen in a relaxed manner on the inhale.

Gaze profoundly and with a silent mind into one another’s eyes. Allow yourself to be filled with the other, completely emptying of your self. Don’t judge, fear, or cling in any way.

At a given moment, make room for the other within you. Do this by gently extending your right arm forward. This says to the other energetically “I make room for you within me.

”Gently retract the arm and place it at your side. This says energetically to your partner “I make room for me within you.”

The partner responds by doing the same movements at the appropriate moment. Note: This practice will often bring up overwhelming feelings and the eyes may fill with tears. The tears cleanse the window of the eyes. Do not allow yourself to break down and indulge in sobs. In order to hold energy, the vessel must not be cracked. Simply stay with the flood of feelings and breathe. Gaze through the tears.

The effect of this practice is so profound that it may synchronize your brain waves. You may notice minor telltale signs afterwards, such as slight identical movements shared between you, perhaps even performed at the same moment.

1. Bear & Company (2001), p. 177