Fear & Awareness

It has been a very busy week with writings and sharing the communications that Amy talks about through these discussions that we have with Joy at Joy’s Readings. In the discussion that was carried out recently, we even covered the topic of Fear which is one of the biggest topics of the month. Joy has been extremely important in creating the connection with Amy and the change that it has brought has been overwhelming. This is one of the main reasons why we’re so very passionate because of the overwhelming changes that connection brings.

Just today alone, I’ve been seeing people write posts about how they are lost, how they need advice and guidance and the answer is right there. It is like that we’ve forgotten how to connect to the answers. This is probably why people spend so much money on mediums because they cannot hear that someone telling them, guiding them to the next stage in life. It is like everyone gets scared or has some sort of fear around the word ‘spirit’ because of these televisions shows such as ghost hunters and the connection to demons or poltergeists. It is bizarre that such a necessity in life in the ancient ways has become so lost with society moving away from such a beautiful and loving connection and my guess is that it began during the dark ages.

I’ve also seen & heard comments where people think communicating with a spirit guide (which is only a level up from being incarnated as human) is a bad thing. That is probably because that person had an experience with lower dimensional beings (a level lower than that that of an incarnated being) but everyone is allowed to explore and have the enjoyment of such experiences.

There are also gaps of understanding on the other side of the veil about ascension, not in the Archangel realm or the Ascended Master realm of course but within the spirit guide level. There also happens to be fear  and when there is a lot of fear, that fear reaches even into the spirit guide realm. As such, you then see delays, resistance, chaos and upset. The guides that are stuck in their beliefs have admitted that they need to increase communications with their incarnate.

Here is Amy’s words (through Joy) on her discussion about fear.

Alright, well, as you know fear is about power and perceived lack of power and it is a mind produced phenomena. It is not something that is generally real other than a realistic far response such as being chased by a wild animal. Fear has really grown into something that is eroding people’s minds and their lives as a result.

Fear takes on many faces, it can manifest in ways that can be subtle, it is what creates delays in life, outright denial of a life purpose. When you see someone can know in their heart that they are meant to be a doctor for example but their fears tell them that they cannot do something so important and that they are not special enough or what have you, then the person never even tries. Fear killed their dream and their dream was their life purpose.

A spirit guide to an incarnate, like that, will try many things to turn the fear around, to help the incarnate face the fear, to see through it, to bring people that encourage them to try. Yet, depending on the person and their level of awareness, much of this can fall on deaf ears. This is why our work is so vital, if we can heighten the Spirit Guide/Incarnate connection, we can help people realise their life purpose/dreams and that means more people are in alignment with their souls and when that happens, we have our planetary evolution.

Spirit Guide are just one part of this but it is such a vital and necessary part. Somewhere along the line, people brought into the belief that is it ok to give up on your dreams because they weren’t practical enough, because they grew up and the worst thing that anyone can ever do is grow up! It is absolutely soul crushing!

Saying that you have grown up so that you can’t dream is absurd. It is like saying that you are no longer a soul, that you’ve turned into a robot and this is what people do. Dreaming is to be in connection with your soul and people live life in their mechanical ways that the system tells them. Go here, go there, work, eat, procreate, die and we must break this mould.

Chasing after your childhood dreams is the right way to be, to never grow up because what we call ‘grown up’ is a facade, it is giving into fear and absolutely giving away all of your power.

This is why I say fear is subtle because the way it has been built up, well if you get the job, the house with the mortgage, the car with the loan, the marriage, the children then you have succeeded Mr/Ms Jones but have you? What if Ms Jones wanted to be a singer or a pilot, or live in Africa and help impoverished children?

People buy into the system but the mistake is that the system offers once size fits all lives and this isn’t working. If it ever did, it sure in the hell isn’t working now.

Now when all of the awakening is happening, when there is the need to be real, to explore the truth and to find yourselves, people on your end will need to have awareness of their guides in order to help them once that have awakened and it is desperately needed. Otherwise, can you imagine waking up and there is no one there? No direction? What you do is wander, starving for any scrap of knowledge and what you might find alongside the path isn’t always the best thing for you. That is why so many spiritual seekers get bad information, they will ‘eat’ anything because they are so hungry for wisdom, for training.

Fortunately, there are more and more teachers awakening as well but the teachers too much be careful of where the information comes from as we want to teach truth, teach empowerment and helping people to connect to the own truth is the best path.

Even in the spirit guide realm, there is fear from other spirit guides but they will do the mission and help the incarnate achieve their life plan.


As you can see, we are able to get rid of fear, it starts within. There are so many ways to deal with one’s own fear… such as saying ‘Fuck It’ and just doing it. Which is the words that I used when I begin to find that I’m facing fear. There’s always a fear of going out of the comfort zone and we must do so in order to change, in order to shift. In order to overcome our own imposed limitations.

This article now carries over into my next post titled “Humility and Awakening

Rebecca Dawson has also recently released an article on the topic of Fear in her September 2015 Energy Update with an explanation from Ascended Master St Germaine.