Giving away power through blame

Tonight, I am going to talk about how one gives another power through the act of blame. Whilst it maybe the ego self that blames another the cycle of energy transference that comes with it is one that I find very intriguing myself. In a recent series of events that have come up that I have observed over the past few months, people have been attacking and trying to, what they believe is take away my strength and power that I have been developing and learning to use to stand strong in the power of self. To not only stand strong in confidence but also strong mentally and emotionally.

It is these changes that make us the strong, robust and great people that we are. The teachers, the students, the leaders, the warriors and the great people of history, all possessed these qualities. We see it throughout documentaries how Kahn’s kill their brothers to show strength and leadership. They were also attacked by the many, both physically and verbally but there was something very unique in how these people responded to such attacks. They laughed at it, they weren’t bothered by it, not because they saw it every day but because they knew that there was something far more important and greater when someone attacked another.

In a post made earlier tonight by Matt Kahn (below), he spokes of how people that blame another person are in fact giving the other person more power. This makes a lot of sense as to what has recently transpired in a series of events and what I had predicted and seen is perfectly worded below. So whilst the false self (aka ego) loves to attack others it is also the worst enemy because it gives away the persons own energy to another.

Ultimately, we are the people that are in charge of our own lives. If we want to live the life of respect, honesty, truth and love. We must be those values and walk with it as part of our being. Standing in that energy with great love and confidence. In summary, we must walk our talk 🙂

Until next time… Steven North

Matt Kahn – 15 June 2015 via Facebook

When someone blames another, they are pointing their finger toward the one who they’ve given their power. This means whenever you find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s blame, accusations, projections, or judgments, it doesn’t have to be a moment of conflict or turmoil, unless you attempt to refute the limiting ideas they suggest about you. As you remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation, no matter how often they demand one, you may begin to see how those who you feel disempowered by have already handed their power over to you. Whether they know it or not, the reason they are fighting with you is to reclaim the power they are unaware they’ve subconsciously given away.

Those who disapprove of others do so to maintain a false sense of superiority. They subconsciously believe that rejecting others puts them in a position of power, which helps them avoid the threat of rejection they are most afraid to encounter, whether they know it or not.

While their words may suggest how inept, imperfect, and powerless you are, their actions suggest otherwise. Imagine, if you weren’t powerful and important to them, they wouldn’t waste their time and energy trying to convince you of something that demands your approval, just so they can feel justified in their position. Consider these words the next time someone lashes out at you. Instead of asking: “Why have I attracted this?” or assuming their behavior is a mirror of your consciousness, simply relax in the presence of any blame, projection, judgment, or accusation. By slowing your breath and relaxing your body, you allow the power they unknowingly gave you to be returned through the grace of disappointment.

Whether you choose to engage in conflict by giving away your power to the one who unknowingly has given their power to you, consciousness is often inspired to blossom in the aftermath of confrontation. It is here where the brightness of your true self begins to shine through, in the absence of an ego that only frustration, boredom, loneliness, and disappointment are sure to unravel.