Hardship & Life Changes

Today, I am sharing Amy’s discussion on the topic of hardship that was done through Joy @ Joy’s Readings. Hardship is an interesting subject as it has been something that I’ve been experiencing over the past 12 months and known many people that have endured it. Many people have experienced hardship in many different ways. In my own experience of late, it is a combination of financial as well as releasing grief from within the system. There are many ways to deal with it, there are ways to not deal with it and we all try our hardest to get through it in order to reach the other side. This is what Amy had to say about hardship…

So my last bit here tonight is about hardship and it speaks to the point of wanting to have this the way an incarnate wants them… When that doesn’t happen, they believe that they have encountered hard times. The point that I want to make however, is that they have not always reached hard times and in fact, when they indeed have (say there has been illness, death, a breakup, job loss, etc) many times these things happen to open new doors. So what appears to be hardship may actually be a blessing as I am sure that you have experienced.

Hardship is a label and it is thought to be bad but in reality it stretches you, it teaches you lessons that you must learn. As you go through your life, embrace the hardships, do not cower from them, know that they are wisdom teachers and as such, it should be treated with respect as it is a time to listen and pay careful attention when a so called ‘hardship’ has entered your life because it is likely there to change things in a positive way, to help you let go or heal, to clear, to bring you to a state of higher consciousness and if the incarnate can adjust their perception to seeing it in this way, there will be a speedier quality to the experience, in other words, the suffering is lessened as the wisdom aspect of the experience is recognised.

If you look back over your life, you can see more connections where something that is, what one refers to as hardship, is beneficial and helped you in some important way. Sometimes, you can go back and look at something that you have always thought was bad and see the good in it now and that can transform and heal the old would, that is important!

Steven: When the incarnate adjust their perception and begins to recognise hardship as a major transition in life, will they need to be mindful of the ‘ego’ mind trying to sabotage them and suck them back into the abyss?

If the incarnate is able to successfully change their perception from a place of fear or anxiety about a perceived hardship to one of peace, then the ego has been taken out of it. The ego seeks to control the incarnate through fear and hardship, it is an ego favourite because it breeds fear, so by looking at a hardship as a blessing, the ego is silenced.

Steven: So really, nothing bad has happened, it is merely a process of evolution from one experience to the next. Seeing the different manners in how different things impact on oneself and how to deal with it?

It is true and there are some hardships that really aren’t that at all, such as breaking up with a negative person, leaving a bad job. With these experiences, the person can usually see the good and the purpose in these events right away. There are some hardships such as a death that are not such an apparent blessing but we must take care to remember that death is a rather private thing. The soul of the incarnate may have planned it that way for that time for reasons unknown or if it is murder, such as in our case, there is a real reason to be upset… and yet it is even in that sort of tragic experience that one can find peace because there is still trust and faith that the soul will go on and make right all that must be so. Look at us for example, we could have been angry that our lives were taken but instead, we bounced back and we continued on with out work and in some ways, we are able to do this far more than we would be able to do so had we stayed in those incarnations. There is always a bright side and it is best to favour that… always!

Steven: These hardships, do we plan these during the incarnation planning stage as stepping stones for the evolution of the incarnate, to takes us to the next step, to help with raising our awareness with the exception of forced situations, such as what happened to us?

Some of them, absolutely! Others are the free will of the incarnates and those incarnates around you. A person might make a series of bad choices for example and bring about uncharted hardship to themselves. Even in our case, we could have made better choices, we trusted the wrong people but it was random. Just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You never know in life what will happen and it is always in part a gamble, that edginess of not knowing is why it is a good place to learn. It creates uncertainty and yet it creates the opportunity for expansion, ascension and the potential to grow in leaps and bounds (it being Earth).


The hardship that we’re referring to in this article that relates to what I’m dealing with is that almost 12 months ago, I became unemployed and haven’t been able to secure another job. This hardship is not only financial but was required to do a lot of work on dealing with grief, working with trauma, releasing the old programming and changing habits and patterns. In essence, this hardship led me to connecting to Amy and some wonderful people that I have worked with for many times before, both incarnated and in spirit. To discover that this hardship is leading me to a totally different life of being and discovering that I’ve worked with Archangel Metatron extensively in past lifetimes and channelling information, writing books, channelling Amy and giving discussions on many things. It trly is a blessing and one that would not have been discovered had all the whirlwind of emotions hadn’t been experienced.

The hardship has also taught me to take control of the mind, the thoughts, to let go of having to be in control because hardship teaches that you have no control but if you do something a little bit each day, towards a goal, you can achieve many things and these small things lead into big things and when you look back. You see that you’ve created a ladder and you’ve been taking one step at a time to get out of the abyss that you’ve fallen into. Thus, in my own personal view… I see hardship as a major life change and a new structure being embedded with the old being let go of and released with a lot of new stuff coming in.


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