Healing work update

In the last discussion with Amy through Joy’s Readings, we discussed many different things. What a light worker is, what a light weaver is, what the difference between an empath and a sensitive as many people are getting things confused.

Then we discussed the healing work that we perform and this is truly fascinating. Over the past year or so, I work on clearing a lot of energy around people. When someone is having an anxiety attack, a specific vibrational frequency can stop that attack then and there. As we’re all energy, one must understand how it works and this has come from studying energy Medicine on the other side of the veil. Amy has is well educatedĀ  in this field.

Having also been granted with a higher level of access to the Akashic records, it assists with facilitating with the work that is being carried out on the client. As well as programming life paths into crystals.

Amy described it perfectly. Everyone has a blackboard, when someone is in emotional turmoil, going through large states of confusion and so forth. That blackboard is covered with chalk. Issues are stemming from past lives and it’s all on the blackboard, chalk everywhere and in a chaotic manner. The work that we do together, is connect into the soul and begin clearing the blackboard with a very big eraser. It is a soul clearing where every single past life is cleared at once.

Another person described it as a spiritual electrician that has gone in and repairs all the wiring and cleans it up. To give the person a fresh slate to start working from.

It was fascinating to learn that this was happening as when I work on people in this type of healing work. Giving the person a complete fresh start and it’s up to them to do the rest of the work.

I’m still amazed by it. A few years ago, I would’ve laughed and said that it’s all BS but the experiences that I’ve been through and the people’s lives we’ve changed since has given the results.