Lightworkers & Patience

On the 10th of October 2015, Joy & myself worked with our spirit guides and each of them came through and discussed different topics. Amy, whom is my beloved guide discussed the topic of lightworkers & patience as well as hardship, which will be discussed later on in the week. During Amy’s discussion on patience, I found that I was getting Deja Vu, as if we had this discussion before and was looking back at memories of the past.

There is also a message from Uriel which Joy channelled that discusses the importance of healing the mind which is relevant to this topic.

The importance of patience – Amy via Joy

I would like to talk about patience today and why this is so important for a lightworker to have it. It does seem that it is an obvious thing but let me explain this further.

Without patience, there is a chaos in the energy field, one that attracts more chaos, drama and the like energies, it makes the individual harsh, brittle and it closes down possible roads for them. Not only this, but it also allows for low energy to creep in and it creates suffering… slowing down is vital to a lightworkers well being. Patience cannot be attained until one has slowed down, not just the body but the mind, especially the mind.

There is a deep need in each soul for peace, this is where you want to be at in every moment of your life, at peace, that serene feeling that you might get watching a sunset. That is the feeling of peace and when you are impatient, you are the polar opposite end.

This then creates instability, the chaos I mentioned and it disturbs the mind. It contracts the incarnate and makes it harder for them to hear guidance from their Spirit Guides. The feeling of impatience is close to anger, it has a fiery element, this sort of energy is only good in small doses and when something must get done but people today sustain this type of energy for far too long and it has a detrimental effect on their health.

This is why incarnates get sick, especially with mental issues because there is no peace within their minds… and so patience = peace. It is a simple thing but a colossal thing as well.

Steven: Patience wasn’t one of my virtues a few years ago, in fact it was the number one message that a friend kept giving me and it has taken time to get to it.

This is the same with many lightworkers and the reason is that the world is jarring, upsetting, not a good fit for the ones with higher vibrations, so there can be a reaction of upset and that can take the form of impatience, anger, rage, destructive behaviours, until there is a balancing of the energy within. It is very hard to be a high vibrational being in the world where the energy is still a rather low vibration where the average person is asleep, that is why it is so important for those whom have awakened and whom have learned to connect to their guides to share that knowledge.

Steven: Is this why there is so much resistance today to what I have observed recently?

Yes and No, sometimes it is just not the right moment and other times it is the bigger meaning of so many being asleep. For you, more things will happen with the time is right and this is where patience is important. When we want something, we believe that we have very good reasons for it to happen now, yet many times there is more to the picture than what we can see and when that happens, it can be very frustrating. Yet, if you look back when all is said and done, things usually make sense that they happened the way they did, or you can see where you were holding yourself up because that is what happens a lot, there is much impatience about something not happening but the cause is actually the incarnate themselves causing the delay unknowingly.  This is why peace, going within is so vital. Know yourself and then you will understand.

Steven: If one finds themselves in a state of impatience, is it practicable to look for another thing to do? For examples, sales could be slow or waiting for the publisher to respond or even waiting for something to arrive. For example, I have begun to think that this sort of scenario is representative that there are other things that need to be done, such as focusing on another task or to merely relax. Especially with a lot of the influx of energies that is happening on the planetary scale.

Yes, exactly! There can be a time when you have done all that you can do and then it is time to either focus on something that you have been putting off or to relax, which is so very important and not many people are relaxing in these days. Many people are in fact, caught up so in their own ways, needing to get things done, always on the run that they forget to schedule time for themselves. To take some time out and to be on their own, even sitting outside on the back verandah, attending to the garden or going for a walk. That time to oneself is very positive on the mind set.  There must be a time when you are allowed to shut down, such as meditation, otherwise it is harder for the guidance to come through from your Spirit Guides as well as for things to flow in your life.

Steven: For my own purpose, I have seen that sales and client bookings being slower than before is an actual representation for me to perform other jobs such as sorting out stuff in the store room and get things ready to sell at auction. To do the inevitable and clean or to spend time writing another track.

Perfect and be sure to also take a rest as well. Writing music counts as a rest as well as anything that is creative.



Message from Archangel Uriel through Joy

Greetings, I come to speak to you today about healing. Healing of the heart and the mind. This healing that is so desperately needed now, it is with you, lightworkers of all walks, that the directions for such healing is to come through from your guides. There is no more important time that now to do this work. To heal the mind is to in a sense re-train everything that has been accepted as fact, it is an enormous thing to do and yet it is one that must happen in order for the light to truly enter. Lifetimes of old ways must be taken away, through the light. My sword can be used to help with this task, I can be called on to help someone release and you may be guided to work with me in doing so. Each person must come to the light in their own time, the more people that you help with this process, the more ascension you will experience.

My words & experience

This topic that Amy discussed brought back many memories of the past, memories when I could swear that I was a patient being but turned out that I was a long way from it. It was somewhere around two or three years ago that I had realised that it was more of an issue thanks to a good friend whom pointed it out to me and helped me to understand it more. There was of course, the stage of denial, “oh no, I am patient” only to discover that there was a lot more to gain. There were some very big lessons learned during that time as well as the process of healing the mind which, in itself was a big task as well.

I had a very strong belief that things had to go according to plan, that things needed to be done a certain way, primarily the way that I believed it should be done and there were lessons of both patience and letting go. When I look back today, I can see that it all happened in order to experience it rather than merely witness it. Today, I believe that patience is more of a state of being carefree, not letting it get to you, taking a mental note to come back to things and find other projects to do. This is because there is nothing that you can do about something in which you need to wait for, so go ahead and do something else. By the time you get to it, things have changed.

The past few months, I have also witnessed other people whom are learning patience when looking at the situation. They meet it with a type of frustration and try to control the situation by using a type of emotion/energy that is forceful, some try being manipulative and some just give up and walk away because it is too hard. Other things I’ve experienced is that they don’t care what happens but as long as they get what they want then they’re happy. In truth, I have done this myself as part of this evolutionary process. I am also sure that we experience these things and often repeatedly to ensure that the concept is embedded into the psyche of our minds or to even teach us different ways to be patient.

Either way, these lessons about patience is surely a unique experience. The famous quote ‘Great things comes to those that wait’ rings true so profoundly which in fact, I truly believe that that great thing is the blissful state of peace and happiness within the mind.


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