Message from Archangel Michael

Laying in bed, listening to meditative music, the following message was received from the brother, archangel Michael.

Received at 8:30 AM +8 GMT on 30.03.2015 by Steven North…

Dear ones, as this time in your life see many of you vulnerable. Please be aware that you’re releasing the old and allowing the new to enter your life. Many of these have seen you transition with different people in your lives right now. Helping one another to get through this process. Dear ones, you should feel proud of all the inner work that you have achieved over these past few cycles. Letting go of what no longer serves and becoming the being that you truly are.

This message will be kept short as this vessel learns to communicate more and more with the higher realms. Until now, we thank you for this moment.

I am Archangel Michael.