Messages from above

Having a discussion on the journey of self-love and ego that many are experiencing. So the discussion about Christ Consciousness comes up and it was time to see if I could do some soul remembering…. This is what occurred.

Being a member of the Melchizedek means that we work with human consciousness. Not just human but we will say this for this discussion. As the humans evolve through their path, they can connect to all the facets of consciousness. There is universal consciousness, Christ consciousness, consciousness of war,  consciousness of love and so forth. The consciousness that is everything is what we call the Melchizedek consciousness but one must master all levels of self to obtain this and this is what life on earth is about. Becoming the master.

Throughout the centuries, the levels of consciousness on the earth plane of existence has been of darkness, suffering, martyrdom and so forth. You see where we are going with this?

With the darkness having lost the battle. The self-work you’re doing on the earth now is assisting with clearing this lower dense consciousness and bringing in the love consciousness. The Christ Consciousness. Once connected, you will go through the other levels of Christ consciousness and when done so. Christ has returned to earth as he promised.

We applaud you for the self-work that you have accomplished as it is assisting the Earth in many ways. Bringing the love that we all are into this reality and physicality. Keep shining the love for everyone to see and be humble.

We trust this information is of assistance.

We are the Melchizedek