Mount Shasta by Astral Projection & Time Travel

I shall begin telling you about this journey by saying that I’m still rather surprised about this experience.

A few days at work, I was talking about a planet that is so much easier to live on for twin flames and doesn’t have any of this duality of karma that we experience on Earth. At that moment, I began getting a vision of what I thought was this planet and began drawing what I was seeing. Given that the planet was blue, what I was drawing wasn’t relevant and left me to asking more questions.

The image below is what I drew. There has been more additions during this vision but this is the core of it.


Having no idea where I was, kept looking around for symbols or other elements I could look into and before I knew it. I was engaging with ancient Indian elders.

The elders were telling me about how there is a volcano nearby. Kept referencing “fire in sky” on many occasions. So it kept me rather confused. The conversation kept going and they referenced “men from clouds, come down and talk”. This is when everything clicked and knew I had gone all ” Ancient Alien”.


At first, being connected to Indians. I thought I was in Canada. However, I don’t think there are many volcano’s in Canada at all. The image above kind of looked like the drawing. I wasn’t convinced tho.

It was having a discussion with another friend that made the connection. American Indian, Volcano and Alien Activity…


Then, I found this image. Identical to my limited drawing skills but I knew that is exactly what I was seeing.

This is Mount Shasta. It is the root chakra of the Earth and then the journey began. After doing some quick research on the interwebs, I discovered that it was an ancient city from the Lemurian era. Therefore, I had to drop in for a cup of tea and say “Hi”.

As I entered the mountain, I found a crystal city and was greeted by a number of beings. They looked like humans but the vibrational frequency was greater than that of a human. They are indeed beings from the Lemurian and Atlantean Era.

They guided me through the city and had shown me two rooms of great interest to me.


This room is some sort of energy. The middle pillar is some sort of pipe which funnels energy into the device that hovers above it. The device creates all the energy that the entire city requires. The energy is pure white and is Earth energy. We had a discussion about it and we will end that here.


This other room that has a throne room is wonderful. It’s not just where the King/Queen sits but is also the control room or operations room. They monitor alien activity and the health of the Earth. A rather large discussion was had about this room.

We then went on to the underground city and oh my gosh, it is so beautiful. They refer to us as Land Dwellers and are so friendly and loving.

This experience was so beautiful that I had to share it with you. For those that can Astral Travel or Projection. They invite you to visit and learn about the Earth, their history. They welcome you with love and light.

Until next time…