For the past year or longer, I’ve been told that I need to balance. I seen the number 69 everywhere which is the symbol for Ying Yang or balance.

Today, I’ve been at a shop that I will be working from very soon as a crystal therapist and had the most amazing experience.

I met Guy Harriman from Ajna Light after seeing his light product last night and I knew that I will eventually buy it. We got talking about things and it led me to show him a piece of Nirvana Quartz. Then all of a sudden, he began working away.

I’m not sure what it was that I was feeling and I told him the back of my head was pulsing. He said something about a Chakra and started doing something else.

We had a discussion about it because I fell into a trance. I don’t know where I went. The lights were on but no one was home.

What he explained to me was about balancing the masculine energy and how what it is I’m doing is not for humanity but for earth. Balancing the earth…. Yes, I believe it and am surprised by it.

I still feel the after effects…. It’s an amazing experience and am so grateful. Thank you Guy for that amazing experience.