New directions

So this week has seen a huge change in life directions. I took a visit to The Sanctuary out in whoop whoop which is an hour long drive from home and found something that is vital to my own development.

I’ll be becoming a Reiki Master and looking at holding fortnightly or monthly courses at this venue as the land is absolutely beautiful and the energy is sensational.

I was told in a channel session that I’ll soon be hanging around people of my own vibration and it’s beginning. I’m walking my own path and be soon doing what I’m supposed to be doing. In march, I’ll be doing a pranayama training to connect with more advanced healers.

Whilst talking to the person today whom I met. I told him what visions I was being shown and he confirmed all of them. They were all legitimate and was good to get the confirmation like this.

Was an amazing experience and looking forward to going in the morning to receive the Reiki Master certification.

Exciting times ahead.