One final post

It’s been a very long day with a whole plethora of different types of healing stuff happening throughout the day. Not even sure where to start to begin describing everything.

It began by getting a message in the morning to go for a walk. It was raining so I stayed in bed and then got a message from another friend that I should go for a walk. Which I found interesting because this friend said that she thinks Amy wants me to go… Well, I didn’t argue with that.

I got dressed and head on down to Bibra Lake to visit a specific place that I do. On the way there, I got the message to turn around. Asked why and the response was “you’ll see”… So I turned around and watched everything and before I knew it… There was someone walking towards with a shirt saying “San Francisco 72” and thought to myself… Ok, let’s see what happens. I kept on walking and went for the food van, was told to get something to eat, so I did. After eating, I began walking again and went back to the spot. Did some meditation and worked more on myself with the help from Red Tara and Amy. I’m sure there were others but don’t know their names…

Wrote a post from Red Tara and continued to walk again and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Had a vision of a concert and inspired to write music whilst walking and eventually made it home.

I got home, sat on the couch and a post on Facebook came up which said.. San Francisco again. So I knew that it was time to attempt to do a past life meditation for the first time. I put on the cd and began listening. Counting down and so forth… As I knew San Francisco was my immediately last lifetime, finding the door in the mile long rows that I see was easy. It was the first one… I got into the lifetime and saw Amy. Saw a few distressing things and began working on transforming the memories of this lifetime into something beautiful and loving. It has worked as the work Amy and I have done together is still integrating.

Wrote the music scores and enjoyed every moment. Then did another meditation to embody Christ consciousness into myself.

I also found out that the visions of the concert was another healing session. Well, now I’ve got visitors here as my legs are going all tingling and it’s time to sleep.

More work and evolving to come but tomorrow is a new day.