The Cleanse

It’s Day 2 of the 4 day cleanse that was impulsively decided to go ahead and do and what a pain in the rectum. I find that I’m laughing at myself because of the minds reaction to not eating or drinking coffee for four days. What’s more funny is that I successfully quit coffee for over two months and it didn’t phase me as I found the magical thing called Chai Latte. So why did I decide to do this cleanse? Well, because it absorbs all the toxins and heavy metals from the system and flushes the digestive system out. As if it were a scrubbing brush going in for a massive cleanse. To be healthier again and change the diet to something far more nutritious than the traditional diet that I’ve been having which is the $4.95 Pizza’s from Pizza Hut and IsaGenix products. Well, in truth, I’ve got another two months of IsaGenix to get through and I’m sure I’ll lose the weight that I gained after slipping back into old patterns.

So what are the benefits of this cleanse….

  • Feel more awake and active
  • Skin looks fresher
  • Eyes take on a vibrant glow
  • Lose excess weight
  • Stop catching colds
  • Bowel movements feel consistent and hydrated
  • Unhealthy cravings disappear
  • Laugh for no apparent reason
  • No longer feel bloated
  • Attitude improves

So you can see… it’s only 4 days to integrate a huge shift in health and the smell of coffee and food will have to be tolerated. Although… that roast chicken that I just walked past smelled delicious!